Over the last three years, IV therapy has gone from an indulgence to a lifestyle. Many people get this form of therapy to build their immunity or recover from a massive hangover. Individuals have established a habit and are integrating this practice into their weekly wellness routine. The options for IV therapy are endless, and the frequency that you should receive therapy depends on the type of treatment you require. In this article, we will talk about the frequency that you should set based on the type of IV therapy that you receive.

Why Would I Get IV Therapy?

There are many different reasons why people choose to get treatments. Most commonly, people choose to get IV treatments in order to rehydrate their body. Therapy can kickstart your hydration and nourish the systems of your body. Another reason why people get therapy is to re-energize their system. Regular IV therapy can amp up your energy levels in both physical and mental capacities.

Types of Treatments and Frequency Recommendations

  1. Glutathione
    1. By getting a glutathione drip, you can fully detox your entire system. Most commonly, this type of IV is administered twice a week for an eight week period.
  2. Hydration Drip
    1. Most hydration drips are packed full of calcium, electrolytes, and Vitamin B. This drip is administered every other week to the average client. Not only do they help hydrate your system, they help hydrate your skin as well.
  3. Hangover Drip
    1. Drips that cure hangovers are typically inclusive of B-12, B Complexes, and electrolytes. This IV is only administered to patients that are suffering from a massive hangover. It is recommended that these treatments are administered no more than every other week.
  4. Immunity Drip
    1. Immunity drips are typically packed full of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and zinc. Many people are given weekly infusions to ensure that their immunity levels remain high.

How Do I Know If I Can Trust the Clinic?

When getting liquid infused into your system, you want to ensure that you visit a clinic that you can trust. There are a few factors that are determinants of a high-quality clinic. First, you want to ensure that you go to a highly reviewed spa. When a spa has a lot of reviews, you can trust that their past clients have had positive experiences. Not only should you check the reliability of the clinic, conduct research on the therapists. You will want to ensure that the person conducting your treatment has ample experience.

Secondly, make sure that the clinic offers reasonable prices. If a clinic has extremely high or low prices, then you should ask further questions. When a spa charges too much or too little, they are likely not trustworthy. Most of the clinics that offer IV therapy also do botox treatments. Find a reasonably priced clinic that has many repetitive clients.


IV therapy is a trend that is sweeping the spa industry. Whether you want energy or an immunity boost, these treatments can help recharge your system from the inside out. There are many high-quality spa clinics across the country that offer reliable and affordable services to their customer base.

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