Big Casinos in America belongs to the most profitable companies s in the world. They make hundreds of millions every year, just on the most famous gambling street in the world – The Strip. Let’s take a look at these casinos and find out how much they made last year.

There are many places to gamble in Nevada. You can visit the most famous – Las Vegas, or you can try luck in less-known places like Reno, Carson City or Elko. In this article will solely focus only on the biggest casino in the Las Vegas. Precisely for these ones with Gaming Revenue of $1,000,000 and over.

Las Vegas Casinos Revenues in General

Many people think that casinos only make money on games like blackjack or slots. That is not actually true, even it is not easy to win at slots if you are a player. A large portion of revenues is also made from food, beverages and other forms of entertainments.

Combined Income Statement – % Share


As you can see, no gambling-related services and products generate more than 40% of revenues. And this number increasing every year in the last decade since casinos are struggling to attract younger customers.

And how much of these revenues are actual profit? The net income before federal income taxes were $1,045,367,236. And again, this only includes the casinos on Strip with Gaming Revenue of $1,000,000 and over.

Hence, it is divided into 44 operators with a valid licence, that means, that a big casino made in average $23,758,346 in 2019.

Casinos in Las Vegas

Revenue from Casino Games

Nevada casinos earn huge amounts of money every month. But how much? What games make the most profits? Perhaps it is not surprising that coin slots are the most popular and most grossing casino game. The revenue in 2019 from playing slots was $3,552,488,073.

Second favourite type of games is table games like Keno, Bingo, roulette or Craps. These games made $2,641,992,050 to big Las Vegas Casinos in the Strip. Table casino games like blackjack or baccarat are popular too. The annual revenue from card games was $122,229,937 in the last year.

The last form of possible legal gambling in Las Vegas is betting on the sport which you can do on the casinos’ premises. This covers two categories:

  • Race Book with annual revenue of $17,824,206
  • Sports Pool with annual revenue of $117,833,278


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