Do you want to know what kinds of urns for ashes you can have when you get cremated?

Even for oneself, us facing death is a challenging topic to broach. Today, over four in 10 Americans prefer cremation instead of a traditional burial. If you share the same sentiment, you likely already know how you want your ashes scattered or kept.

However, many people overlook the urns where their remains will go. If you want to be more specific, people ignore the price of urns for cremated remains. Below, we discuss urns for ashes and their correct pricing.

1. Average Cost Of An Urn For Cremation

Average Cost Of An Urn For Cremation

Are you one of the people who want to have your cremated remains kept at home? Planning what happens after you die is one factor we can control after death. A popular trend right now is having a person’s ashes scattered to the sea, for example.

Another factor you can control is the urn that will hold your human remains. Today, most urns cost between $50 and $2,250 on average. However, remember that some factors also affect how much it will be.

2. Types Of Materials Used For Making Urns

Types Of Materials Used For Making Urns

The material of the urn is one factor that influences an urn’s sale price.

Some urns today use biodegradable materials. These are ideal if you want your remains buried in the ground or placed in the water. They cost $65 to $350 and use the following materials:

  • Clay
  • Compost
  • Raw wood
  • Salt
  • Paper
  • Cornstarch

Another material used for making urns is ceramic, which costs $100 to $550 on average. If you want something more lasting, you can get a metal urn for $50 to $300. Other materials used for urns are wood, marble, and stone.

3. Sizes Of Urns For Cremated Remains

Sizes Of Urns For Cremated Remains

The larger-sized urns cost more than smaller ones made of the same material. They also have costlier shipping fees. If you’re getting a larger urn, expect that you’ll pay a higher price.

How do you know what size of urn you’ll need for your human ashes?

The rule is to get a cubic inch for every pound of bodyweight you have. You can also get tiny urns to hold some of your ashes as a keepsake.

4. Other Factors That Affect Urn Costs

Other Factors That Affect Urn Costs

Before we end, let’s include the other factors that impact the prices of urns for cremated remains. These are:

  • Country of origin
  • Design
  • Type of manufacturer
  • Personalization or customization

Urns from the US have better quality compared to urns imported from China and India. Also, a more elaborate urn design will demand more payment. If you want quality yet elegant urns, buy from local urn-makers.

Also, consider the cremation cost when choosing an urn for your remains. You can splurge out on the urn, but make sure to lower your cremation costs. In the end, you’ll want to make sure you find a good balance between these two expenses.

Pick The Right Urns For Cremated Remains For You Or A Loved One

Now you know what price range to expect when shopping for the best urn for ashes. Use what you learned to get urns with suitable material, design, and quality for its price.

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