There is at least one dog in 40% of all American households. If you’re getting ready to add a dog to your family, you might be wondering where to start your research.

What types of dogs will fit best with your lifestyle and family situation?

Read about the best dog breeds and caring for a dog to learn more before making a commitment. Do some investigating on dog prices before settling on a certain breed.

Is owning a dog on your bucket list? Before taking on such a responsibility, you should know how much it costs. Keep reading to learn more.

How Much is a Dog?

Dog for Service

Dog prices can range from under $100 at an animal shelter to several thousand from a pet store or breeder. If you’re tempted to save a few bucks buying a dog from a “backyard breeder,” reconsider.

A dog from a professional breeder will be healthier and give you fewer problems in the long run.

If you want to help a dog in need, consider adopting from a shelter or rescue group. When you adopt from a rescue group, the dogs are usually spayed or neutered and up-to-date on vaccines.

Food and Treats

Always feed your dog high-quality food and treats. Remember what you put into their bodies should be nutritious and not a bunch of fillers.

A bag of good quality dog food can cost you anywhere from $30 to $75. Depending on the size and energy level of your dog, you can expect to spend $300 to $800 a year on food and treats.

Other Supplies

Dog in college

You’ll need a leash and collar, a bed, and toys for your four-legged friend. A leash and collar set can last several years and cost less than $20 for the set. You can opt for something fancy if you want to spend the extra money.

You’ll want to get a bed and a training crate for when you first bring the dog home. You can spend anywhere from $30 to $200 on a bed. Sometimes you’ll want to have a couple of beds around the house.

It’s easy to find a second-hand crate if you want to save money. Otherwise, expect to spend between $30 and $150.

Get some toys especially if you get a puppy. They have a natural tendency to chew on things. Supply your dog with toys to chew rather than your shoes. You can find toys anywhere from $5 to $20 each.

Vet Care and Unexpected Expenses

Plan for a yearly check-up, vaccinations, and dental cleanings. These will cost you around $1000 per year.

Of course, you may experience some unexpected expenses. Your dog may get into something or get sick. Some veterinarians offer pet wellness plans to spread costs out evenly.


Some pet owners look at a pet wellness plan vs insurance when determining how to best handle expenses. Do the comparison to see which one works for you.

Owning a Dog

Owning a dog is a blessing and a joy, but it can get costly. Before adding a dog to your family, it’s important to know the expenses associated with it. Be prepared for emergencies or unexpected expenses by putting money aside for such events. Some vets offer third-party healthcare financing or credit cards specifically for healthcare.

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