Before you enter into outpatient treatment, the number one question you ask yourself is how much does outpatient rehab cost? We’d love to be able to give a simple answer, but the truth is that several factors can affect the amount you end up paying for outpatient rehab.

Read on below and find out more about what outpatient rehab is and other factors that can change the amount you end up paying.

What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Choose The Right Rehab

An outpatient rehab is a form of drug and alcohol treatment that allows people to continue doing things like working and taking care of their children without having to spend 24/7 at the facility. The thing about outpatient treatment is that you’ll work with a care coordinator to help you decide on the various types of meetings throughout the week.

If you choose outpatient rehab, you have to be diligent in attending your meetings; otherwise, you’re not going to get what you need out of it to succeed in your recovery. Now that you’ve gained some insight into what outpatient rehab is, read on to discover various factors that influence the cost.

Program Type

The first factor that can influence cost is the type of program that you’ve entered. Traditionally this means whether or not you’ve selected an inpatient vs. outpatient program.

However, in this case, it means the type of therapies offered in the program. Some facilities use more modern techniques such as CBT therapy and offer a series of amenities for program clients.

These amenities could mean a program that includes equine or art therapy. This article can fill you in more about the different forms of treatment to help you make your final decision.

Drug Rehab Counselling

Length of Time Spent in Treatment

Most programs last between 30-90 days if things go according to plan and you progress. However, it can prolong the process if you struggle to grasp the concepts being taught to you in treatment or if you’re resistant to change.

Remember that at any point, if you’re no longer able to pay for treatment, it can cut your program short until other arrangements are made. Also, if you don’t abide by the rules in treatment, it can cause you to be out of the treatment program to make room for others who take their sobriety seriously.

Treatment Location

Depending on the facility’s location, the treatment cost can be higher. For example, residential treatment in California may be higher than it would be in places like Georgia.

Inpatient drug rehab facility

Another reason the price is higher in some locations than others is based on what they offer. The facility will likely offer amenities, like equine therapy, that people in the area would enjoy participating in.

How Much Does Outpatient Rehab Cost?

If you’re still asking yourself how much does outpatient rehab cost, you’ve got to research your options. The length of time you spend in treatment and the location of the treatment will affect the cost.

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