Thinking of getting cosmetic surgery?

Facelift surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to make a more youthful appearance in your face and neck. This is only one of the reasons why cosmetic surgery‘s on the rise.

But how much does a facelift cost anyway?

It can cost a lot of money but it is a price to pay to make sure that you get the best medical care possible. Your face is more than your identity so you should be more careful with your decisions.

Don’t fret, we’ll help break down the costs. Here’s our guide that tells you what cost you can expect to pay when doing a facelift surgery:

1. Surgeon Fees

How much do surgeons charges for facelift surgery?

You will notice that some surgeons charge differently than others. You should consider the fact that surgeons have their expertise and specialization. They would charge more for something have training for.

Do not expect someone with the least experience to match someone that has 15 years of surgical experience.

Same for the team of nurses and doctors that would be operating alongside your main surgeon. They each have their accreditation and training that guarantees a quality result.

2. What Type of Facelift Surgery

How much do you know about facelift surgery? It lifts and tightens the skin which reduces wrinkles and saggy facial tissues. There are also many different types of facelift surgeries available:

  • The Deep Plane facelift ranges from $20,000 to $30,000
  • Eye Lift ranges around $3,500
  • Brow Lift ranges from $5,000 to $ 7,000
  • The Mid-Facelift ranges around $7,500
  • The Mini Facelift ranges from $3,500 to $8,000

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3. How Much Does a Facelift Cost

The surgeon is not the only thing you get charged for. The cost of surgical procedure is a package deal that includes everything necessary, from the materials to the facilities. The cost of a facelift is going to vary from each patient.

Hospitals and clinics with better equipment are going to cost you much more to make sure they can keep up with their maintenance of the facilities, tools, materials, and more. You are also paying for the time you are going to use the operating room and the type of anesthesia.

Depending on the type of surgery, you will need time to recover. Your surgeon might recommend you to spend a few days or even weeks in their hospital.

You could also ask your surgeon if they have insurance or any financing options they could offer to you. Your health coverage does not sometimes include surgeries like a facelift.

3. The Intricacy of the Procedure Itself

The price of a facelift is also going to vary from the intricacy of the procedure you will undergo.

First, you will need to have a consultation with your surgeon. You need to be as specific as possible so they can offer their recommendations on what to do.

The more extensive the changes are going to be, the more elaborate the procedure.

Having another surgery after the last one could cost you about the same, if not more. One way to help lessen the cost is to have multiple procedures within the day. They also often offer discounts for doing this because it saves time and resources.

4. The Whereabouts

Do you know where you would like to get the surgery? Because the geographical location can also show you how much a facelift surgery is going to cost you. It will also affect the transportation cost and other expenses to get there.

The more populated cities like New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles are going to charge more than the ones in smaller cities or near the countryside like Arizona, Oregon, and Alaska.

You should also consider that every city has different rates for charging. One of the reasons why is because of the operating expenses to stay in business like rent, electricity, water, telephone, insurance, and more.

The cost of facelift surgery is going to vary if you decide to do it in respected and regarded hospitals in the country than the more mundane ones.

Do you want to have the surgery in another country? That’s also the reason why the location is an important factor in how much the facelift surgery is going to be. Think about the plane tickets and accommodation you need to reserve ahead of time.

5. Why You Need to Prioritize Quality Than the Cost

Money could the number one thing that you would consider when it comes to facelift surgery. We are not telling that this is wrong, but it should not be the deciding factor.

It’s also important to choose an accredited surgical facility. You can be sure that they have the training and qualified surgeon and personnel. They’ll have clean and fully equipped operating rooms for medical purposes.

Some people focus on the cost of facelift surgery rather than prioritizing quality service. They may be cheaper when you compare it to the alternative but they are not worth it in the end.

If it fails because you cut corners, you might need to go undergo corrective surgery in the hopes of undoing what your previous surgeon performed. This leads to more money coming out of your pocket.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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How much does a facelift cost? Don’t hesitate to go over our guide again to understand which factors could influence the charge fee for the surgery. Be sure to consult and explore various methods and surgeries that are better suited for you!

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