It’s considered impolite to ask someone how much money they make. But it’s perfectly acceptable to search online for the average salary for a particular job!

A diagnostic medical sonographer, also known as a sonographer is a diagnostic specialist that uses imaging equipment to see inside the human body. If you have ever had a sonogram, the technician that helped you was probably a sonographer.

So, how much do sonographers make? Well, as with many things, it depends. Read below to learn more about sonographer careers and salaries.

What Does a Sonographer Do?

What Does a Sonographer Do

A medical sonographer prepares patients for procedures and takes diagnostic images using sonogram technology. If a physician needs to see images of internal organs like the liver, spleen, pancreas, or gallbladder they may order a sonogram. Pregnant women also receive sonograms throughout pregnancy to confirm the health of the baby.

Sonographers are responsible for analyzing the sonograph images and reporting their findings. They also have a number of administrative duties like tracking patient records and documenting test findings.

Think you might be interested in becoming a sonographer? Education and accreditation take about 1 to 2 years depending on the program.

How Much Do Sonographers Make?

How Much Do Sonographers Make

How Much Do Sonographers Make? A sonographer’s salary is largely dependent on where they work, what their specialty is, and who employs them. A sonographer in San Francisco may make more money than a sonographer in rural Ohio. And a sonographer working for a specialty hospital may make more than a sonographer working at a teaching hospital.

According to 2019 data, the median salary for a medical sonographer is about $74,320. About 25% of sonographers made over $89,000 and 25% made less than $62,000. The highest-paid sonographers made over $100,000.

Here are the states with the highest sonographer salary statistics:

  • Hawaii ($102,140)
  • California ($100,960)
  • Alaska ($97,270)
  • DC ($95,290)
  • Washington ($90,130)

Sonographer salary also varies based on specialty. Here are a few of the highest-paid sonographers and their average salaries:

  • Neuro sonographer ($112,000)
  • Pediatric cardiac sonographer ($80,000)
  • Cardiac sonographer ($79,000)
  • Vascular sonographer ($68,000)
  • Ob/gyn sonographer ($68,000)

If you are thinking of starting a career in sonography you may want to consider the type of specialty you are most interested in and whether it offers a desirable salary compared to other specialties.

Sonographer Jobs

Sonography is part of the allied care sector which is expected to grow about 18% in the next 7 years. That means a higher demand for sonographers and better job prospects. Sonography is a non-invasive form of testing which patients tend to prefer over x-rays, MRIs, or biopsies.

Start Your Career as a Sonographer

Start Your Career as a Sonographer

So, how much do sonographers make? Depending on the location and specialty, sonographers make between $55,000 and $112,000. If you’re interested in becoming a sonographer you can start your education right away.

The job market for sonographers is expected to keep growing, so now is a great time to get started or explore a career change. Why wait? Start earning better money today!

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