Have you ever wondered, “How much does a custom wedding dress cost?”

According to the national average, most brides spend around $1,500 on their wedding dress.

Let’s dive in Custom Weeding Dress Factors

Do you worry about the cost of a custom-made wedding dress? Keep reading to learn about 5 important details that will help you figure out your unique budget.

custom wedding dress
Make Your Wedding Dress Custom

1. The Designer: The Most Helpful Ways

The more successful the designer is, the higher the cost of a custom wedding dress will be. Since fame doesn’t always guarantee the best quality, it’s worth browsing lesser-known designers to see if you can find the perfect match for a cheaper price. Going into your shopping experience with an open mind is one of the most helpful ways to save money.

2. The Embellishments for Subsequent Retelling

Another factor that will impact the wedding dress cost is the amount of embellishments on the gown. Corset fits, beading, and lace are just a few of the many different details that can lead to a more expensive custom gown.

One clever way you can get your dream dress at a lower price is to buy a simple gown then ask a trusted local seamstress to add any embellishments you want. Their costs are guaranteed to be a lot cheaper than the designer’s.

3. The Fabric: For Elegant and Feminine

Since there are dozens of different fabrics to choose from, you’ll have to take some time to consider how you want your dress to look and feel on your body. Lace and silk are some of the most popular wedding dress fabrics because they’re elegant and feminine.

However, buying a dress that’s made with a high amount of these fabrics will set your budget back far. Opting for cheaper fabrics like polyester can help a lot. You can always add small lace embellishments later.

4. The Accessories for Wedding

No wedding dress would be complete without a veil. Unfortunately, your veil will be a separate purchase that can cost hundreds of dollars.

Other accessories that can complete your dresses to wear in wedding look include shoes, jewelry, and undergarments. Starting your search early will give you plenty of time to hunt for the best deals.

5. The Alterations to Reduce The Fitting

The average bride has her dress altered around three times before her big day. The first fitting is to make big changes and the second fitting is to tweak anything that didn’t get addressed during the first round. The last fitting is also important because it gets done a couple of weeks before the wedding day to take care of any weight loss or gain.

The easiest way you can curb your spending is to reduce the amount of fittings you’ll need. Keeping track of your measurements and doing your best to maintain your weight will ensure that you won’t need any last-minute alterations.

How Much Does a Custom Wedding Dress Cost? Now You Know

How much does a wedding dress for a bride cost? If you’ve ever wondered how big of a budget you should set aside for your dress, now you have a better idea.

Do you want to learn other ways you can look your best on your big day? Explore our site wedding section to find more expert fashion and beauty tips for wedding.

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