How long does a tan last? Usually, the tan lasts for 7 to 10 days. And when the skin naturally starts to shed or exfoliate, the tan gradually disappears. Still, depending on the tan, you can expect it to last for 30 days if you have a deep tan.

However, when sunlight hits the skin, you will get tan skin. Tan occurs due to melanin that helps glow your skin. At the same time, the skin also tries to protect itself from harmful UV rays.

Although people love to have tanned skin, it has no medical benefit. Anyhow, letโ€™s discuss the details.

How Long Does A Tan Last: Things You Need To Know

Sun tan

Below we will discuss the details of why do people tan or how long does it last, how long does a tan from a tanning bed last to everything in between.

Self Tanning/ Natural Tan

The tan created from the sun is known as a natural tan that usually lasts around one week to ten days.

Tanning Bed

You will get the same effect from the tanning bed as the sun. The difference is that tanning beds create artificial rays which are more intense than the sun.

Self-Tanning Or Spray Tanning

Another tan type is self-tanning, and how long a tan lasts depends on the kind of material you use.

Why Do People Tan?

Why Do People Tan

People do love tan skin, but why do people tan? There are some reasons why people enjoy it.

According to research, people are attracted to tan people. Thus, people who tan regularly feel very confident; at the same time, they get attention from the opposite sex.

Typically, tanning releases a hormone called endorphins which makes a person feel good. During tanning, people release this hormone, and as a result, you will feel amazing and soothed while you are under the sun.

People who tan regularly feel better. This also increases the Vitamin D in your body; moreover, the sun helps in setting the biological clock in your body. These are the major reasons people like tanning.

How Long Does A Tan Last: How Long Does Self Tanner Last?

self tanner

How long does self tanner last? Self-tanner, also known as spray tan, and the longevity depends on how you make it up.

For instance, if you have a bronzer to get a quick tanned glow, this will go away with one wash. On the other hand, if you use DHA, this wonโ€™t give you an instant glow but can withstand a shower.

However, a self-tanner lasts 5 to 8 days, depending on your skin type, compared to a natural tan. Generally, the tan lasts longer on olive or dark skin than on benign or fair skin.

If you want to extend the life of your tan, then you can choose the following steps –

  1. Take warm or cool showers instead of hot showers since hot showers dehydrate the skin. While dehydrated skin causes, the tan fades away quickly.
  2. Gently exfoliate your skin before you get a spray tan or go under the sun. This helps your skin to be flaking so that the tan lasts longer on your skin
  3. Make sure to use moisturizer regularly with natural oil.
  4. You can use a sun tan extender or any tanning lotion that helps extend the melanin.
  5. Drink plenty of water – water keeps you hydrated, which helps lengthen the lifespan of the tan.
  6. You can try using illuminating body lotion if you feel like your tan loses its glow.
  7. Applying sunscreen lotion makes tan last longer. This is one of the easiest ways of maintaining a tan for a long time.
  8. Eat plenty of food containing beta-carotene since it produces more melanin.

Since a tan makes a person look better and feel confident, you can follow these steps to make your tan last longer. Also, hopefully, now you understand how long does self tanner last.

How Long Does A Tan Last: Do Tans Go Away?

Do tans go away themselves? For example, you can preserve suntan for ten days, but afterward, it will disappear.

On average, sun tan fades away within ten days, and skin starts to regrow after self-exfoliation. So, if you are still thinking do tans go away, then the answer is; Yes, they go away.

But if you want to make it last longer, follow the abovementioned process.

How Long Does A Tan Last: How Long Does A Tan From A Tanning Bed Last?

tanning bed

A tanning bed is a device that emits UV radiation to make people tan. But, like the sun, if a person stays longer in the tanning bed, this can cause sunburn.

Usually, tanning beds come in different types. For instance –

Base Tan Bed

The base tan bed uses 20 to 32 UV lamps; thus, that will make your skin tan slowly. This process takes 20 minutes longer.

Standard Tanning Bed

Typically, the standard tanning beds use lamps from 33 to 54 UV. As a result, it takes 50% less time to get tanned than the base bed.

High-Pressure Tanning Bed

Compared to these beds, high-pressure tanning beds are expensive since they block 99% of UV rays.ย  Moreover, this is one of the fastest ways to get tan skin.

But how long does a tan from a tanning bed last? Well, tanning from a tanning bed lasts for 1 or 2 weeks. Tan wonโ€™t last longer than this time frame. If you want to get tan skin in bed, you can do it again after 14 days.

Compared to the sun, a tanning bed gives you tan skin more quickly. This is one of the best ways to get tan skin in winter.

Keep in mind that there are some disadvantages to a tanning bed. This can be the cause of skin cancer, and also it contributes to premature aging. In addition, it is forbidden for pregnant women to use tanning beds. Wear glasses to protect your eyes if you want to get from a tanning bed.

How Long Does A Tan Last: Bottom Line

Hopefully, our guide helped you find the answer to how long does a tan last. Natural tan lasts for seven to ten days. Also, there are different types of tanning processes available. Therefore, you can choose the ways that suit you the best.

But if you want to get tanned skin, you should check out its side effects first. So, this was all about how long does a tan last and everything in between.

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