The trend of microlearning has established itself firmly in the world of learning and development. The trend that was a buzzword once, has become an essential component of any and every training program.

Just to reinforce, microlearning is delivering digestive, super-relevant small pieces of information at the right moment. The 5-7 minute modules must be crisp, interactive, and highly engaging. Moving away from lengthy and boring text-heavy content with the use of entertaining micro-content is the focus of microlearning.

We have been using these interactive mediums for a long time now like youtube, videos, infographics, etc. Integrating these techniques with the learning topics helps the learner not only to stay motivated to complete the course but makes it fun learning and helps in retaining the learning for long providing an excellent learning experience.

Some of the other benefits of microlearning are listed below:

Benefits Of Microlearning

Learning in the flow of work

Learning in the flow of work: With rapid industrial changes and technological innovations, businesses are required to keep themselves updated to stay in the race. To adapt to these changes, the employee has to continuously gain knowledge and enhance their skills to keep up with the pace. Microlearning enables us to provide the relevant and required content exactly at the time of need. Acquiring a new skill and getting mastery on it requires regular reinforcement that can be effectively implemented with micro-learning modules. For example, you can refer to these microlearning modules just before the presentation that will keep the knowledge fresh.

Learning on the go: Microlearning fits perfectly with mobile learning. The combination of the two provides the leverage to learn anywhere, anytime as the smaller modules do not require long durations. A microlearning module can be taken up while taking a short break from work or while traveling. With responsive design technology, the learner can access it from their desktops, mobiles, laptops as per their preference and convenience.

Learning on the go

Learning with focus: Human brain has the tendency to phase out after a specific period of time if the course is taken in continuation. Bite-sized information through microlearning can be made available at the time of need thus reinforcing the knowledge becomes easier. Smaller pieces of information, if made by including media, infographics, etc., and using interactive tools helps attain focus by adding a fun factor. Better focus, easy revisits to the required topics, anywhere, anytime information not enhance the interest of the learner but enhances the focus resulting in better retention of knowledge.

Learning through engagement: Implementing interactivity in the microlearning modules keeps the learners engaged. Various studies have shown that the learners remain better engaged through microlearning. The reason can be the ability to absorb the learning successfully because of the crisp and short information, and the ease of accessibility of the information on any device. Additionally, short lessons can be taken up at your convenience and can be easily revised eliminating the extra stress of finding time for learning. These lessons can easily be accommodated in the daily schedule and the relevant lessons reflect prompt improvement in day-to-day work.

Learning through engagement


Researches have shown that creating the microlearning modules is less time-consuming and yields better results. The cost of creating such courses can be reduced by up to 50% than the cost of creating the traditional courses. This can also be easily planned for releasing the drip content that increases the course completion rates and learner engagement. By implementing 360Learning LMS, creating microlearning modules becomes much easier saving cost and time. Creating a glossary helps you in creating a library of content that can be used and reused for various trainings.

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