Everyone needs some form of support at one time or another, whether it be financial, physical, or emotional support or supportiv. Most of us need help now and then.  It’s important to have a good support system around you during times of need. This will ease the burden of stress that trying times come with.

Humans are interdependent. This means that we need each other to help often times. Some people may think they don’t ever need the help of another person, however, there usually comes a time in each person’s life when they need to reach out for support. Especially emotional support.

Physically we are supported by food, water, and of course the air we breathe. A simple task like going to the supermarket to purchase food can be considered physical support since we rely on someone to supply us with nourishment.

There is also mental support. Mental support which covers more intellectual things like writing, reading, talking, and teaching. Everyone needs to learn and without the support of someone with experience most of the time we couldn’t learn how to do things.

As far as emotional support that comes in the form of feeling loved, wanted, or even held close. When you feel loved it boosts your mood and allows you to feel safe. This gives you peace of mind. If a person doesn’t have their emotional needs met they may become depressed, angry, or possibly experience pain.

Often times people will use vices when their emotional needs aren’t supported. Vices such as abusing drugs or alcohol. Overeating, overexercising, promiscuity, or becoming sick and even violent.

A lot of people don’t feel worthy to have their emotional needs met. They feel as if they aren’t good enough for this type of support. It should be noted that just because someone has a ton of friends and family around doesn’t always mean they will be or feel emotionally supported. For instance, maybe their spouse has checked out and running on autopilot. In this case, there is a definite lack of emotional support felt.

If a person feels worthy of having their emotional needs met they will attract such people in their life who can do this. And the same goes for the other side of it. If a person doesn’t feel worthy they will have people around them who aren’t capable of providing emotional support.

Childhood plays a big role in whether or not a person is comfortable allowing their emotional needs to be met. For example, maybe their parents didn’t provide the right kind of emotional support while raising them. The key is to be aware of what’s happening and about your thoughts and feelings. Some people struggle with an inner conflict of sorts and the conflict blocks them from getting emotional support. Without this, you won’t be happy. Having our emotional needs met are important to our own well being.

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