As a Fan Of Scientologist Grant Cardone, These Are My Views On How He Gave Me So Much More Than I Thought Was Possible

Grant Cardone, an avid Scientologist, is known for the 10x Rule, which asks everyone to push themselves 10 times farther than they think they can go. What exactly does that mean to a guy like Cardone? Weโ€™ll look at how Cardone sees himself in context with the rest of the world and why Scientology played such a big part in his success.

Scientologist Grant Cardone

Looking at the Bigger Picture

I once read that when Cardone was a kid, he suffered the loss of his father. By the time he was a teenager, Grant Cardone was battling drug addiction. Too often, people are prone to get caught up in the moment. Our sorrows of today seem to rise so high that they swallow any hope we could ever have for tomorrow. I also read that Grant Cardone says Scientology helped pull him out of this kind of mindset. He was able to think about his life in more significant terms precisely because he had a better frame of reference.

Having an Open Mind

Having an Open Mind

In 2021, I found that Grant Cardone distributed $32 million to his investors. He has 12,000 property units that have managed to generate revenue for so many people and infuse plenty of money into local economies everywhere. What would have happened if his investors simply turned their backs on him? What kinds of opportunities would they have missed out on?

While faith can be tricky for many, it all starts with being receptive to information. It doesnโ€™t mean that you have to believe everything you hear (in fact, Cardone is very much against that). However, it does mean hearing and evaluating the information before coming up with your own opinion.

In doing my research on Grant Cardone being a Scientologist, he was given a book that covered the basics of Scientology by a friend. He could have just tossed it in the trash or stowed it in the corner of his bookshelf. Instead, he read the book and then went on to study the works, meet people, and figure out if these beliefs could fit within his larger framework. Through his experience, he learned how important it was not just to dismiss something based on either ignorance or reputation. He trusts his investors to do the same for him. It’s made everyone’s quality of life improve over the years.

takeaway on Grant Cardone

Getting Things Done

My takeaway on Grant Cardone, Scientologist, he has always been someone who wants to get out into the world and get things done. If he fails, he just gets right back up and tries again. When he met his future wife, he had to call her dozens of times before they went out on a date. Scientology taught him that he needed to keep forging on, even when things were difficult. Far easier said than done, this concept has kept trillions of people across time from ever really reaching their goals. Cardone believes that he could never have come this far if he hadn’t absorbed the tenets of a religion that asks people to stretch themselves to the brink of their talents.

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