It all feels like flying and soaring high in the sky! It makes one feel like a real hero. It can also feel like a very scary experience despite its satisfying nature. You will be experiencing all this before your eyes as you get psyched and the adrenaline rises. Imagine that feeling of watching another person jump out of a moving airplane as the cold wind raises goosebumps on your body?

During skydiving, you will get to see the earth from thousands of feet. The experience is completely different. Therefore, you will feel all your senses have come back to life. This is because the moment you jump. You will feel so countless things at ago. It becomes impossible to discrete the things from each other.

Another feeling is that you get to view the earth from an unversed point of sight. Why do I say it is an unfamiliar point of view? You are used to seeing from above while on a plane. However, while you are on the air itself, you will get to see the detailed beauty of the earth. That kind of picture will be the most intense to have ever seen in the whole of your life.

Breath of Fresh Air

Skydiving makes you smell and feel fresh air and at Skydive Ameilas Island, its always a memorable experience. I guess you understand that crunchy, sweet smell you get from the calm breeze of wafting air. Or that clean smell of air you get when standing at the topmost part of the mountain? That is what am trying to say! Here, you are separated from common scents. When skydiving, all you feel is pure and clean renewed air.

The feeling of skydiving is accompanied by the loud rushing of fast-moving wind. This experience is the same as static pending from gusting into a microphone. It is that loud sound you feel when you splish-splash into the water with great impact.

The sound is not that punitive or hurting as you think. However, it is too brash to make a clear conversation. On the other hand, the sound gets quiet once the parachute opens. When I say quiet, I mean the one which can be felt after a state of anarchy.


The feeling is accompanied by temperature variations characterized by pressure on skin pores. This is felt even if the day is hot. The temperature will cool at high altitude. What happens here is you will get that feeling of opening a cooler on a very sunny and hot day. Then you allow an upsurge of cool air ran on your body. It is not hurting rather you feel like being supported.

Skydiving experience is breezy, adrenaline thrusting and penetrating. No words can explain the whole of it to the fullest. The feeling is both physical and emotional. It gives you a totally different feeling as compared to other peoples fixed notions. How does it feel to skydive? You feel so much freedom and beauty at the same time. The feeling is unlike anything you have felt before. It is one of its own kind.

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