Who doesn’t love to travel and explore new cultures and countries? A lot of people would love nothing more than to spend their time traveling the world, but their bank accounts are keeping them close to home.

Let’s face it, travel can get expensive. Between airfare, hotel and hostel fees, and money to go to attractions around the world, it’s not surprising that people on average spent $7.6 trillion on travel in 2016 alone.

Do you ever look at people’s Instagram accounts and wonder how endlessly-traveling nomads can afford to go to so many places? We’re going to let you in on some secrets that make traveling affordable for everyone.

How To Afford Vacations Like Traveling Nomads

Your dream trip may seem like too much money, but it’s more affordable than you’d think. Whether you dream of traveling across the world or around the country, there are ways you can travel and not break the bank.

If you follow these affordable travel tips, you’ll be surprised at how many places you can truly afford to go!

Travel, Don’t Vacation

This may sound strange, but there is a definite difference between traveling and taking a vacation.

Vacations are opulent affairs. They usually involve resort fees, fancy dinners, spa days, and expensive fancy meals. Vacations can be a fun change of pace, but they’re also very expensive and rushed affairs.

If you want to afford to travel, focus on the experience of traveling and discovering new things and not the decadence of vacation.

Shifting your mindset and expectations can make travel a lot more affordable. Once you aren’t spending money on an all-inclusive hotel, traveling becomes a lot more affordable.

Reduce Big Bills

If you want to live like a traveling nomad, you need to cut down on some home-related expenses.

Many people that live the traveling nomad life don’t have to worry about things like mortgage payments, car payments, and utility bills.

That’s why they’re able to not just afford to travel, but also have the luxury of being able to leave with a moment’s notice.

If you own a home, consider renting it out to people to cover the costs of your mortgage while you travel. Finding renters gives you money and helps keep your property safe when you’re traveling.

Downsize to a smaller living space with a month-to-month lease. Small apartments, trailers, and campers are great affordable living options.

Change Your Priorities

You have a lot more cash than you’d like to think — it’s just going to a lot of different things right now.

A lot of people that like to travel do so because they make it a priority in their lives. They can afford to visit a different country every year because they put their money towards travel expenses and not other things.

The Instagram travel superstar that spent a month backpacking in Cambodia probably doesn’t drive a brand new car. The family that went on a tour of Europe may spend their time clipping coupons and eating store-brand snacks.

Making the choice to save for travel makes it a lot more affordable. If you want to travel, think about that the next time you want to order takeout or buy a new pair of designer shoes.

Create New Forms of Income

If you’re having trouble finding ways to save money by cutting out expenses, it’s time to find a way to bring in new income.

A lot of traveling nomads have had luck making passive income by documenting their experiences through blogging.

You’ve likely spent time gazing at someone’s travel blog wishing you could live their adventurous life. Now it’s time for you to do the same! Make a blog that documents your travels and earns money from ads.

Also, be sure to check out sites like Fiverr and Craigslist for quick freelance work.

If you’re really hurting for money, a small loan can help cover some immediate costs. Read more now about the different kinds of lending options available to you.

Find a Flexible Job

Maybe you can afford to travel money-wise but your main issue is finding the time to be able to. When most jobs view two weeks of paid vacation as more than enough time off, it can be difficult to find the time to travel.

A lot of nomads find jobs that let them work remotely so they can still earn money and have the time to travel.

There are a lot of jobs that are ideal for people that like to work remotely. You can set your own schedule, make enough money to travel, and enjoy having a steady stream of income when you’re out enjoying the world.

Embrace the Sharing Economy

Who said that cheap accommodations can’t be good? Don’t feel like you need to break the bank on transportation and lodging to have a great vacation.

Uber and Lyft don’t just operate in the United States. Ride-sharing services can be found around the world and they can be a bit cheaper than taking a local taxi.

If you’re staying in a city, consider getting in some exercise and saving money by walking to your destination. A lot of cities are very walkable, and you can see even more by choosing to walk places.

Instead of spending money on a fancy hotel or resort, consider renting an Airbnb. An Airbnb can be much cozier than a hotel and getting one with a kitchen can help you save on food costs.

Next Steps

Traveling nomads don’t have access to unlimited disposable income, they just make smarter choices with their money. Now that you know the right way to save money and travel, you’ll be seeing the world in no time.

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