Do you watch a lot of films or travel a lot? Computing technology is great and can help improve our lives. A torrent can help you to take full advantage of your computer by allowing you to download films to watch on the go.

It can be really handy if you don’t have access to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

If you are wondering how do torrents work then here is everything you need to know

What is a Torrent?

A torrent or bit torrent is not a piece of software per se, it’s a method of downloading material. Rather than downloading from one site on the internet, it’s a form of peer-to-peer lending which can enable easier downloads.

Instead of putting the burden of the download – in terms of data – on one user, it splits the download speeds across all the users who are downloading reducing download speeds.

It may seem like a complex procedure but using a torrent is fast because it relies on multiple users all working together, in-sync.

If the films you want to access are different in the region you are traveling in you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). However, this solution doesn’t always fit with everyone’s needs as you might need to be able to watch the films on the go and VPNs can slow down your internet connection.

A bit torrent can be a better solution.

Who Uses a Torent?

A torrent might sound like something that hackers use but in fact, it can be used by anyone.

IT professionals use torrents to make downloading large files easier and to negate the need to install separate software for each download.

They also give you extra security as you are splitting the risk of downloading with multiple other users rather than downloading from one site that you might not trust.

But torrents can also be used by ordinary computer users when you need to download files on the go as well.

What Are Your Best Torrent Options?

If you are considering using a torrent then you have many options from which to choose.

To begin, you need to download a bit torrent client that can be used to enable your peer-to-peer lending.

You have several options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular options but there are many others on the market.


This bit torrent is great for both Windows and Mac. What’s great about it is that it is open source so that means the software can be continuously improved by the community.

You can use lots of plugins to customize the torrent in lots of different ways so that it can work for you.


If you have a Mac then this is the bit torrent for you to use as it is built especially for Mac computers.

Although there is a Windows version you can be sure transmission will function properly when used on a Mac.

If Transmission doesn’t work for you then try this torrent downloader for Mac instead which might work better.

qBit Torrent

This is an open-source version of one of the greatest’s and most reliable Bit Torrent’s, UTorrent. One of the great features of qBit Torrent is that unlike some bit torrent it has no adverts.

It also comes with features like a bandwidth scheduler and a sequential downloader to ensure your files are downloaded in order.

Downloading The Files Themselves – Be Careful of Spam

If you are using a bit torrenting to download files of your favorite television shows or films then try to be careful about what sites you use to download the files.

Many people have set up spam sites. They have used Search Engine Optimization so that if you type in, for example, Friends Episode 1 Torrent, their site full of viruses or adverts and not containing the file will appear first on Google.

So, having downloaded a bit torrent how do you ensure the files you download on your torrent are safe?

Ask The Community: Do Your Research

As we’ve already established just using Google isn’t necessarily going to get you the results you want how do you know what websites are legitimate?

You have to ask the bit torrent community first. These are trusted members of the peer-to-peer sharing community who are well established. You can find these people in Facebook groups and online forums.

Be sure to ask your technology-minded friends what websites they use to download files as well.

They are likely to be clued into the community and since they are your friends they are unlikely to send you to a site that could see you downloading a virus or spam.

If You Want to Know How Do Torrents Work Then Ask the Experts

If you want to know how do torrents work then the answer is not to search Google endlessly looking for answers. This can be fruitless and can even lead you to download viruses or spam that can trash your computer.

Instead, do your research by asking friends who use peer-to-peer sharing sites regularly.

You can also go on online forums and Facebook groups to find out what bit torrents and file sharing sites they use.

Some of the things you need to consider are what bit torrent software you are going to use and which one is best for you as well as what you want to use the bit torrent for.

Some people use them to download screensavers and software legitimately and other people use them to download films and TV shows. Do be aware of what the rules are regarding this e.g. copyright to ensure that you are downloading files within the rule of the law.

If you are interested in reading more answers to the question of how do torrents work or torrenting for beginners then be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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