Who wants to see unhappy faces when they walk into work every morning?

No one! Certainly not you, a small business owner or HR boss. An unhappy workplace is bad for business.

Unfortunately, there are far too many unhappy employees in the United States. A recent survey established that 60 percent of workers have some negative emotions about their job with 25 percent harboring only negative emotions.

What are you doing to improve employee happiness in your workplace? If you need new, effective ideas, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Continue reading to learn what you can do to make your employees happy again!

Listen to Your Employees – and Act

Happier Employees

Everyone seems to have their own idea of happiness. As such, while you might have your own ideas of how to make your employees happier, they might be the last thing they need.

This is why it makes good sense to start by talking to your employees. What makes them happy? Is there something about the workplace that particularly makes them unhappy?

After gathering their feedback, don’t sweep it under the carpet. You need to act and implement meaningful changes.

If most of your employees said they’d like to work from home more often, for instance, find a way to roll out an effective work-from-home model.

Maybe they want more holiday time. Heck, some companies are offering unlimited holidays. Your company can, and should, too.

Build Positive Workplace Culture

motivate employees

Several things go into the creation of positive workplace culture. However, you have the power to set the tone by implementing supporting — rather than punitive — workplace policies.

Do your current policies work against the happiness of your employees? For example, if you don’t have any sexual harassment policies, some of your employees who might be facing harassment can feel helpless.

Is there a policy of open, transparent communication in the workplace? If you’re not providing proper channels of communication, especially between management and regular staff, you aren’t doing much to encourage a positive culture.

Diversity and inclusion must also be part of your strategy to improve workplace culture and employee happiness.

Technology Can Make Your Employees Happier

Employee Happiness

Picture when you last unboxed a new smartphone, laptop, gaming console, or another fine piece of technology. How were you feeling? Perhaps happy is an understatement!

Similarly, the right technology in the workplace can put smiles on your employees’ faces and boost workplace morale. Smart devices don’t just make it easier to collaborate and communicate. They enable people to work from anywhere, giving you plenty of control over your time – and life.

Maybe you’re wondering how to effectively use workplace technology in a world that’s rapidly going remote. Well, the HR metaverse is here.

But what is HR metaverse? It’s a complex universe, as you will find out, but at the core, it’s a collection of technologies that will enable you to run a happy, virtual workplace.

Put Employee Happiness First

In a profit-driven organization, employee happiness might not be the first thing on your to-do list, but it should. There isn’t much to achieve when you have a bunch of sad faces and unhappy souls in the office. Use these strategies to fire up happiness among your employees.

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