Did you know that oral infections can lead to cardiovascular disease? This is actually one of the main causes of heart disease and can result in death in severe cases.

Yet, despite this startling information, many people choose to skip their dental checkups. If you dread the dentist or have recently moved, it’s time to pick a new dentist. The right dentist can make your checkups quick, painless, and stress-free.

In this article, we’ll be going over how to pick the best dentist so you can improve your oral health and flaunt a perfect smile. Read on to learn how to do it!

Get Referrals

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The best way to find a dental practitioner is by asking your friends and neighbors. They can give you a patient’s perspective on the local dentists.

In some cases, they’ll already have tried a few dentists and can tell you who to avoid! This is a great way to make a shortlist of recommended dentists. From there, you can filter down based on the rest of your criteria.

Read Reviews

After you have a few dentists on your list, it’s worth going online and reading some reviews. This will give you a sense of overall patient satisfaction. If there are a handful of good reviews but plenty of mediocre ones, steer clear.

You want someone who has great patient outcomes, transparent communication, and a comforting bedside manner. In addition, if you have kids, it’s worth reading reviews to make sure you find a kid friendly dentist.

Credentials and Certification

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If you’re looking for a dentist, you have to make sure they’re qualified for dental procedures. Your dentist should be board certified at a minimum. This ensures that they have the training and experience to join the dental industry.

Beyond that, you should make sure your dentist has no record of malpractice. You can look up your dentist’s grades in medical school and any record of malpractice or disciplinary actions on state websites or healthgrades.com.

Try a Checkup

Once you have a dentist you think would be a good fit, try them out for a checkup or a consultation. Discuss any potential dental treatments and concerns you may have, and consider their communication style.

Are they straightforward and open in their communication? Are they willing to answer any questions you have and discuss alternative procedures, or are they committed to an invasive and expensive care plan? Do they have a dental aftercare plan?

After your appointment, you should feel comfortable with everything you discussed. You should have addressed your concerns and asked any questions you have. If you’re left feeling unsure, get a second opinion and try someone else.

Pick the Best Dentist in Your Area

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If you’re looking for a new dentist in your area, it can be daunting. But with these tips, you’ll be able to pick the best dentist around. Start going through the options, and be proactive about your oral health today!

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