How do dental implants work? Oftentimes a broken teeth or the need for root canal treatment can put one in need of extensive dental treatment. This is where dental implants come in. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed beneath one’s teeth to give them a strong base. It is basically a prosthetic device made of metals like titanium which is inserted inside one’s mouth into the jawbone which acts as the root for artificial dentures.

Because titanium is biocompatible, it integrates into the jaw bone and secures the teeth fixture in place. If one practices excellent oral hygiene, dental implants once inserted can last a lifetime.

For people with healthy lifestyles, Dental implants procedures can be carried out smoothly in the event one’s teeth go missing or broken if

  • One has healthy oral tissues
  • One’s jaw is strong enough to undergo the process
  • One doesn’t use tobacco or other substances

Let us next talk about the steps of a dental implant.

How Do Dental Implants Work & Steps Of A Dental Implant

Steps Of A Dental Implant

Talking about the steps of a dental implant, dental implants are the next best solution to natural dentures. Dental implants can offer a permanent solution to those who might face situations like a missing tooth root or suffer from other serious dental conditions.

An important question most people going into dental implant surgery ask is how do dental implants work?

The surgery for dental implants might take close to two hours and with local anesthesia, can practically be a painless process. However, the entire procedure from start to finish might easily take anywhere between six months to one year.

How long does a dental implant procedure take? is another common question that is often asked. The steps of getting a dental implant are usually three-pronged.

  • Surgically inserting the dental implants into the jaw bone
  • Placement of an abutment
  • Installation of prosthetic tooth

How Do Dental Implants Work & How Long Does A Dental Implant Procedure Take?

Dental Implant Procedure

Though the steps of getting a dental implant might sound easy, it is a long-drawn process where recovery of the dental implant is important. Dental implant recovery is a time-consuming process as first the dental implant which is inserted into the jaw bone requires to be allowed to integrate into the jaw bone.

Though it is easier to describe a breakup of the dental implant process, there are many pre-surgery and post-surgery activities that help in concluding the dental implant procedure.

A thorough evaluation of one’s mouth and dental makeup is essential before one goes in for dental implant surgery. A detailed dental examination will entail an x-ray and 3D imagery of one’s mouth.

This is followed by a detailed evaluation of one’s medical history. It is essential that the doctor be aware of the medicines one consumes, along with any medical history. This is done so as to negate the effects of the infection.

Finally, if you are wondering “how long does a dental implant procedure take?”, it can be mapped by the treatment plan charted out by the dentist. Bone growth and healing vary from person to person. However, the dental surgeon is the best person to advise one on how do dental implants work and how long it will take to start giving the best output.

How Do Dental Implants Work & Dental Implant Recovery Process

Dental Implant Recovery Process

How do dental implants work? is a question many have pondered either before going into surgery or post-surgery. The answer is tricky. The steps of getting a dental implant allow for a period called the healing period.

Post the first step, where a hole is drilled into one’s jaw bone for placing the metal posts, dental implant recovery is mandatory as this is the initial period where the jaw bone cells grow around the implants and fuse together securing the inserted implant. Usually, to cover the gaping hole, the dentist puts a temporary detachable denture in place.

The second stage of dental implant recovery happens after the abutment is placed on the implant. This also has a healing process of its own. The gums around the abutment need recovery. This is important as the crown needs to be placed on the abutment. One can’t afford any form of incomplete recovery as it might aggravate the situation further.

During this process, impressions of one’s mouth are taken so as to get the exact dimension for one’s crown-shaped. There are two different types of artificial teeth that can be obtained.

Individuals choose either fixed teeth that get permanently screwed into the abutment or cemented together to form a bridge. One can also go in for removable teeth which come with realistic-looking pink gums. These are usually removed when one goes to sleep and clipped back on to be perfectly mounted on the metal frame.

dental implant

The success of dental implants depends on the complete recovery. How do dental implants work is completely and totally dependent on how well they can replace one’s natural teeth in their functioning.

Dental implants once done can have a lot of advantages. Predominantly, dental implants provide an improved appearance and comfort. Ill-fitting dentures can result in improper speech with the individual struggling with speaking words that come out as a mumble or a slur.

Proper dental implant procedure makes such issues vanish and one is able to eat better and speak well as the inconvenience felt due to the improper dental fixtures are eliminated.

Not only do dental implants give a great outlook to individuals (based on research individuals have reported greater self-esteem but it also offers improved oral hygiene. Dental implants have been known to have shown a great success rate for those who have gone for dental treatments.

One would be advised to treat the dental implants as one would their natural teeth. This means all the care that one would take for their real teeth such as brushing twice a day, using antibacterial mouthwash, and flossing can also be done once dental implant surgery has been done. Indeed, how do dental implants work has been one of the marvels coming out of the field of medicine?

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