As a business owner, you need to make smart business decisions. The decisions you make will determine if your business will succeed or fail.

One of the top reasons why businesses fail is because they don’t investigate the market. Consumers are the foundation of a business. They’re the ones that help pay the bills, so to speak.

It’s essential that you consider customer data analytics. Doing so can help improve your business. Read on to learn how customer data analytics can do wonders for your company.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Data Scientist for Ad Hoc Analytics

You know that old motto that says, “the customer is always right”. This is true. Your customers know what they want. It’s important you get their feedback.

Focus on collecting customer data. There are various ways to get data from them. Social media is a great way to get customer feedback.

Using data analytics, you can create customer profiles. This way you can gain valuable insights into customer behavior. This will help you provide experiences for each customer.

Let’s say you have a retail clothing business. Think about analyzing sales data. You can also analyze customer data from your social media platforms. Combine all the data to create social media campaigns that help to attract new customers.

You can also create an email distribution list. It’s a good idea to send emails to existing customers to let them know that the products they like are on sale.

Informed Business Decision-making

Customer data analytics can guide business decisions. It’s no secret that bad decisions can cause businesses to close their customer base. In turn, this can lead to major financial losses.

Predictive analytics is a term you need to become familiar with. It refers to the use of statistics to make predictions about performance. It can help you understand how your business will respond to changes you plan to make.

Use modeling techniques to determine how pricing changes can affect customer demand. If the proposed changes are positive, you can increase prices.

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Streamline Operations

Business analytics can help streamline operations. It takes gathering info about the supply chain. Analyzing the data will show where production delays arise.

Once you identify issues, you can resolve them. Business analytics can also be used to predict bottlenecks. These issues must be avoided.

Mitigate Risk and Handle Setbacks

Data analytics mitigate risks. One of the risks you want to reduce is theft. The data you get will help you determine if it’s best to invest in more security.

After a setback occurs, your business can use the data to limit losses. The data can show how to best price inventory to help recoup some of the losses.

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Effective Use of Customer Data Analytics

If your business is not making use of customer data analytics, now’s the time to start. You don’t want to fall behind the competition and lose your edge. Data analytics can unlock insights you’ll need to make business improvements.

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How to move contacts between iPhone and an Android phone

Are you planning to switch from android phone to iPhone or from iPhone to an android phone? Or you have already changed the smartphone and now planning to move contacts?

You get the best feeling when you finally purchase the phone you have been dreaming of whether it be an iPhone or S6. You cannot resist transferring everything to the new phone and this seems to be an issue, especially if you are not techy.

So how to transfer contacts from iPhone to android or from android to iPhone? Don’t panic, it can be easily done. The detailed guide below will help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

Before you can proceed with the transfer, you need to have a few things with you. These include:
1. Both the phones, the old and the new, with their USB cables.
2. A computer or a laptop.
3. A phone transfer software.

Getting ready for the contact transfer

Connect both the phones to the laptop or computer with their USB cables. Make sure that you are using a reliable phone transfer software. It should have the phone to phone transfer feature which lets you move contacts, videos, messages, apps, etc. between phones easily.

Once you have the phones connected and the software is ready, follow the steps below.

Run the phone transfer software

As soon as you will run your phone transfer software, it will detect both the phones. You have to select the phone to phone transfer. You will see both the phones in the interface with their details such as contacts, messages, music, videos, and others.

TIA Phone Transfer Step 1

The phone on the left side will be used as the source. So if you wish to transfer contacts from iPhone to S6 (assume), you have to ensure that the iPhone is on the left side. You can easily switch the positions of the phones.

Use Flip to change the positions of the phones.

Transfer contacts

Once the phones have been adjusted, you can proceed with the transfer. Select contacts from the content. You can transfer pretty much anything between the phones. You have to choose what type of content you wish to transfer (contacts in this case). Once you have selected the contacts, click the Start Copy.

TIA Phone Transfer Step 2

The transfer will begin. The contacts will be copied, not moved from the old to the new phone. This means you will still have the contacts in your old phone.

TIA Phone Transfer Step 3

You can move other content between the phones similarly.


If you are using a powerful phone transfer software, it will make your life easy and will allow you to transfer contacts from android to iPhone and vice versa painlessly. Access to the right software at the right time is what you need.

Not just that it will transfer contacts but you can transfer everything ranging from messages to videos to music to files to folders and much more. You just name it.

You can now change phones without the fear of losing contacts and your data. Change phones as many times as you wish. You will not lose anything.

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