Several months ago, you didn’t think twice about shaking hands and hugging on people in your congregation. And sitting or standing several inches from other people was the norm.

Not anymore.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made its lasting impact on the US, and churches are no exception. The question is, how exactly are churches dealing with the negative impacts of the virus? And is this enough to bolster church attendance in a post-COVID world?

Here’s a rundown on the best church advice for adjusting in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s get started

Digital Approach for Churches

A church attendance decline was unavoidable during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in March. Even now, many churches are still sticking with online church services versus in-person services to avoid spreading the virus.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to provide live church services in a low-production environment. By doing this, you can make your digital experience more relational with people.

For instance, many churches are doing acoustic worship sets. This makes people feel that their worship leaders are right there with them in their living rooms.

In addition, churches are providing convenient platforms for prayer and conversation. Again, this makes the online church experience more intimate.

You may also want to create your own church directory. This can help your congregants to remain in touch with one another from home.

Software for creating your own directory can be found at

In-Person Gatherings

In-person US church attendance has slowly rebounded since COVID-19 struck. With that, many churches have started to implement changes from the parking lot to the sanctuary to minimize the spread of the virus.

For instance, some churches are using cones, signage, or arrows to guide church attendees from their vehicles to designated building entrances.

In addition, inside the church, they are removing block pews andΒ church chairs. Why? To maintain six feet between attendees who are not immediate family members.

During services, many churches have also suspended handshake greetings. Likewise, they have eliminated communion with a common up and are instead doing single-serve communions.

Churches are also dismissing church attendees by rows. This helps to keep a large number of people from leaving the church sanctuary at one time.

Furthermore, churches are using announcements and signs to remind worshipers about federal guidance concerning various everyday precautions. These precautions include cough etiquette, hand washing, and social distancing.

In addition, in your church, you may want to post signs about following your church’s safety practices. In fact, you might also want to post a statement explaining the risk that attendees assume when they attended in-person services during the pandemic.

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