Today, it is impossible to think of life without medicines. The fast-paced life, along with increasing levels of pollution all around us make it difficult to go through the entire week without at least one antacid, anti-allergic, painkiller or headache medicine. Over 4% of the adults in the US take sleeping pills regularly, and around 13% of the US citizens take at least one kind of psychiatric drug. That translates to millions buying some form of the therapeutic drug at least once a month.

Many US citizens have healthcare insurance or Medicare, but the benefits do not extend to all kinds of prescription and OTC drugs. Even then, it is a little easier for Gen X and the millennial population to cover the cost of their medicines than it is for the senior citizens living on welfare or pension. If you do not earn enough to cover the cost of therapy and medication, do you give up the right to treatment and cure? Well, that is not an option, since we can give you some of the smart ways you can save a fortune in drug costs.

Go for generic drugs

If you have been taking brand-name prescription medicine, you should try looking for the same compound or molecule from cost-effective and local brands. You can save up to 80% of the total cost. However, speak with your doctor before replacing your brand-name medication with another.

Order via mail

Walking down to the pharmacy and buying prescription medicine for a month is quick, but that isn’t economical. You should think about ordering at least three monthsโ€™ worth via mail. Many pharmacies with online ordering facilities or smart-apps allow people to place orders for medicines in bulk in exchange for lucrative discounts.

Find active discount coupons

Contrary to popular belief, finding discount cards and coupons online is quite straightforward. Elderly with fixed income are saving with Pharma Quotes discounts every day while buying prescription medication. Check the validity and conditions on the card/code before you complete the purchase.

Ask for professional help

Several pharmaceutical companies offer advice to qualified buyers. If you are unsure about qualification terms, check the list of programs on of the Medicare Part D. several organizations aim to connect the patients with these programs that can provide prescription drugs at a discounted price.

Think about splitting pills

Instead of getting twenty 5-mg pills of medicine, it might be cheaper to purchase ten 10-mg tablets and divide them into two halves. However, before splitting a pill, you should speak with your doctor regarding its safety. Medicine with a DSR or ER mark may not be safe for cutting. If you get a go from your GP, always use a pill splitter and never a knife.

Sometimes, it is possible to find a pharmacy that agrees to provide discounts to a prescription holder for an extended period. Some pharmacies offer enrollment programs or special offers to long-term buyers. Speak with your local pharmacy, if you need to refill prescriptions often. You can save considerably by purchasing on a small discount repeatedly.

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