Greg Giordano, a legislative aide to state Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, had this to say about an article posted on the Florida House website that misleadingly quotes studies on the effectiveness of prescription drug monitoring programs:

By selectively quoting from the study the House reveals its unwillingness to acknowledge the potential value of the PDMP here in Florida. It is hard to understand why the House believes that the PDMP will not be a valuable weapon in the arsenal to fight the pill mill epidemic.

What is even more head-scratching is how the House can propose that the deregulation of pain clinics will actually end the pill mill industry. The reality is that unscrupulous operators, felons and outright  bad actors will re-enter the stage and wreak havoc on the vulnerable and the greedy (one population a victim, the other a beneficiary of the proliferation of pill mills).

Fasano has been a long-time champion of the program, and the Senate leadership has continued to rally around it.

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