Covid-19 has changed the face of the world as we know it. As European countries struggle to contain and eliminate the danger, businesses have united to help this fight.

Prime amongst these is the Cannabis industry. The medical facilities all over the world have been overwhelmed by the infected and are facing more problems as supplies run low. In this time of need, cannabis-based businesses all over Europe have started coming up with contributions to help control the situation at hand. The same actions were taken in the US by companies like Inyo Las Vegas.

There has been an outpour of help from the facilities of CBD businesses in the form of products and donations. Hand sanitizers and sterilizers are the most important products being donated through such initiatives. Additionally, companies have increased their productions, without hampering their deliveries or their personnel and are also donating their products to institutions in need.

A case in point is CBD Asylum, a Yorkshire based CBD producer. This 14-employee strong firm decided to produce hand sanitizers to help ease its massive shortage. As they already had the necessary equipment, production began and ramped up in earnest.

Liam Jones, CBD Asylum’s CEO states that they started with the production of 200 bottles a day which quickly increased to 10,000 bottles a day within four weeks. They also started a ‘buy-to-donate’ scheme wherein people could donate these 60ml and 500 ml bottles to NHS and other institutes in need.

For every product you place on their website, CBD Asylum will donate a free bottle of sanitizer for the essentials on the front of this war against COVID-19.

Their team is now working 15 hours a day through the week and are happy to do so. In addition to providing free products to essential workers, they have also halved the prices on their entire range for the duration of this pandemic.

Canna Solutions is another prominent CBD brand that produces pharmaceutical products, consumer goods, cosmetics, etc for the cannabis industry. It was founded in 2018 and have a workforce of over 200 employees. Their expertise lies in scaled cannabis product development with high quality. With a 60,000sq ft facility that has held an MHRA European GMP certificate for over 20 years, Canna Solutions was in the perfect space to help the supply of essential CBD goods.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Canna Solutions came up with multiple ways to help. They are providing their assistance and support to help the CBD supply chain and with the mixing/filling/packing of hand sanitizers. They are also providing mixing vessels, automated filling and packing lines, their trained and certified workforce, and an in house testing facility. Such a form of contract manufacturing for essential goods is a silver lining during such dark times.

As more and more countries opt for lockdowns to keep their population safe, the online world has become the focus of industries.

CannaTech, a leading cannabis event company recently responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by driving its event content and speakers to an online platform. The CEO Saul Kaye is focusing on the UK cannabinoid market and the theme for their May 4, 2020 webinar echoes the same: “What is a Novel Food and How Does CBD Play in the UK Market?”

These webinars are a part of CannaTech’s Global Cannabis Summit. This event brings together a panel of professionals and experts from all over the world to discuss the ongoing trends in the cannabis industry. Moving such events online has made it safely accessible for the masses.

The web is also being used to educate CBD producers. Agri-TechE, an East Anglian farm innovation body will host a webinar on May 14, 2020. They would be responding to concerns of cannabis farmers and explaining how they can overcome the hurdles in the way of growing the cannabis Sativa plant in the UK.

In Germany, the CBD market has grown and shows no signs of halting despite the COVID-19 fear. In fact, the medicinal properties of CBD have made it an essential health product and new market entries are being welcomed to help the supplies.

Cantourage has entered the German pharmaceutical industry as the newest direct supplier of dronabinol which is also known as the purest form of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Earlier Canopy Growth was the only supplier of dronabinol in the German market and Cantourage entered as an end to that monopoly. Cantourage was established by Dr. Florian Holzapfel, Patrick Hoffmann, and Norman Ruchholtz. They have Israeli cannabis producer BOL (Breath of Life) as their production partners and have started sales from 15th April 2020. This increased supply would be a big help for the medical industry currently grappling with a supply-demand gap.

While we’re talking of a supply increase, another case to consider would be the UK’s Dragonfly Wholesale, which is the parent company of DragonflyCBD. It has recently opened a contract manufacturing arm offering CBD ingredients and finished products of a minimum of 1,000 units for UK brands. They have a capacity to produce 50,000 CBD units per day and this has come at a time when there is a higher demand for trustworthy and quality CBD products in the market.

This pandemic has surely made life unpredictable for us all, but it hasn’t deterred the spirit of some emerging companies like Little Green Pharma, an Australian CBD brand. They have an EU-GMP approval and are now exporting to the UK. Their focus now is high THC and high CBD based pharmaceutical products.

We now move forward in a new world that is being shaped by our responses to this pandemic. The CBD industry has shown excellent resilience and exemplary social initiatives. This makes us hopeful, and also proud. Times like these need us to put our best foot forward and come together to help and care for each other, and what we see now seems like a good start to that.

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