If you run a small retail business, you may have noticed that working with cash can be kind of a hassle. Employees end up giving people too much or too little change, and there are still people who will try to pull a quick change scam.

Purchasing a money counter can help you stay organized, keep your employees and customers honest and save you time.

How a Money Counter Can Help You Stay Organized

Stay Organized

You and the folks who work for you are likely to have plenty to do during the average day. However, if you have to waste your time counting money, you may have less time for doing things like organizing shelves and racks or simply cleaning the store.

You may end up spending more money paying employees overtime, or you may lose customers because your store does not look its best.

It Can Help You Detect Counterfeits

Detect Counterfeits

When a retail employee holds a 20 up to the light to determine if the bill is real or not, it can make a customer feel frustrated and embarrassed. Additionally, your employees may not have the best eyesight, and they may fail to detect a false bill.

The more advanced models of money counters will be able to detect a fake bill. The machines do this by sensing the texture and color of the bills.

This will protect you from counterfeiters, and it will let your customers feel more relaxed when they shop in your store. Who knows, you may be able to help the police crack a big case.

Keep Your Employees on the Up and Up

Let’s face it, finding quality people to work retail can be challenging.  You may not have the time or the money to do a background check on each of them. A money counter can separate dollars by denominations so that you will have fewer sorting mistakes.

Each compartment of your cash register drawer will contain the denominations of money that it should. You will never have to worry about $5 bills ending up in the $10 bill compartment. This will cut down on employees giving customers too much or too little change.

If you own a convenience store where you sell things like money orders, or if you have a Western Union Station, you can quickly count the amount of money a customer has given you. This can help you avoid any controversy if a customer says they gave you more money than they did.

Minimize Germs

Minimize Germs

Handling cash is a known way to spread germs. Of course, you and your employees are going to handle cash no matter what. However, the amount of time you spend touching cash and sorting through it can be greatly reduced when you have a money counter.

If your employees make food for customers, such as hot dogs or pizza slices, they can get customers sick if they forget to sanitize their hands between counting the money and handling the food. Therefore, it is good to minimize the contact with cash even if you cannot eliminate it.

Nowadays, they make money counters for both bills and coins. There are simple machines for small business owners and ones that can be used for large amounts of cash.

If you count your cash and keep it organized, you will have more time to run your fabulous business—click the URL for more information.

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