Bangalore-the Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka is popularly known as the “Silicon Valley of India”. Situated on the Deccan Plateau, the city exhibits cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural characteristics. The ancient relics, monuments, and temples spreading across the city speak in volume of its enriched culture and ethnicity. Since independence, the city has been evolving as a seat of education, IT industry and technology. The improved transport system, the comfortable weather, and the cosy environment of the city have made it accessible to people from all across the country. Every year hundreds and thousands of people throng to this city either for education or job and business.

Since Bangalore, India is called the “Silicon Valley of India”, all the major IT giants, namely: Infosys, Microsoft, Apple, Capegemini, Cognizant, Wipro have set up their operation unitsas well as headquarters here. Bangalore also houses multiple biotechnology companies, including Biocon the largest biotechnology company of the country.With the explosion in industry and technology, the real estate business in Bangalore is experiencing an upsurge. As more people are shifting themselves to this city, it is natural that they look for rented house in the vicinity of their workplaces.

Real Estate Scenario of Bangalore and Koramangala

Bangalore, India is called one of the most populated cities of India. Some of the notable areas of the city are: Indira Nagar, Marathahalli, Malleswaram, Koramangala, Jayanagar, Whitefield, and Hebbal etc. These areas are known for their cosy and comfortable environment, amenities, social and cultural life. People, who are new to this city, look for 1BHK for rent in Bangalore, particularly in these areas. At the same time, they consider the distance between their work place and theirresidence so that they can easily reach to their destination without wasting much time and energy.

Koramangala is situated in the vicinity of the ‘Electronic City’ of Bangalore and hence it is one of the most sought after residential areas in Bangalore. Over the years it has grown as a commercial hub and more and more people are relocating themselves here. Of late numerous houses for rent in Koramangala are coming up to accommodate the techies and their families.

Things to keep in mind before renting a flat in Bangalore

  • Before renting a new flat or house in a new place people must keep certain things in mind. First of all, they must set their budget and go for searching the flats or houses that suit to their budget. Usually, 1BHK flats for rent in Bangalore suffice the requirement of a single occupant. Again, some flats on rent are fitted with furniture. The prospective tenants must make it clear whether they need the furniture. Since, the rent of the furnished flats is always higher than the unfurnished ones.The rent of 1 BHK unfurnished flats in Bangalore starts from Rs. 7,000 per month.
  • Next, the people must zero in the locality. It is advisable to look for a flat in the nearest locality of the office or work place. It certainly will save the travel time and energy.
  • Those who work in the ‘Electronic City’ and have shifted to Bangalore with their family may look for houses for rent in Koramangala.A 2BHK independent house in Koramangala is available at a rent of Rs. 25,000 per month while a 5BHK bungalow in Koramangala is available at a rent of Rs. 2 lakhs per month.
  • The houses or flats open to South and South-East are generally preferred by people. Such houses are generally filled with air and light.
  • The rent of the house or flat is measured according to the area in sqft. It depends on the locality too.
  • After, selecting the 1 BHK flat for rent in Bangalore or the house for rent in Koramangala, the prospective tenant must meet the landlord and see the tenancy deed. He/she must go through the deed very carefully and clarify his/her doubts with the landlord. If any loop hole in the deed is found, he/she must bring it to the notice of the landlord. He/she may take the help of the legal personnel if necessary.
  • Some landlords demand for ‘advance money’ from the tenants. In such cases, the tenants must be wary of signing the deed and check if the clause for ‘advance money’ is there in the deed.
  • Before signing the tenancy deed, the tenant must check the condition of the flat or house. He/she must examine the wall, bathroom and fittings, balcony (if any), electric wire, water connection and drainage system of the flat or house.If any damage is found anywhere, it must be brought to the notice of the landlord.While checking the water connection, the faucets, shower etc should be examined thoroughly so that there is no leakage in them.
  • If the flat or house is furnished, the tenant must check the condition of the furniture too and make a list of the items provided by the landlord.
  • The tenant must clarify whether he/she has to bear the maintenance charges, repairing cost, damage charges (if any).
  • The tenant must adhere to the tenancy rule and pay the rent on time.
  • If the house or flat is situated within a complex or society, the tenant must abide by the rules and guidelines of that society or complex. It is worth mentioning that such flats or houses ensure the security of the tenants.

Thus, finding a house on rent and settling down in the rented house is a lengthy procedure. The prospective tenants must not hurry in their house hunting venture. There are numerous broking agencies in Bangalore which provide all sorts of assistance to people to find a good and comfortable accommodation in their preferred locality. Starting from finding a house to settling down the tenancy deal, they do everything for their clients. They also provide legal aid to their clients and ensure the house renting experience a smooth and enjoyable one for their clients. All the house-broking agencies have their websites and the prospective tenants can reach to them searching their websites and avail their services easily.

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