Are you interested in learning more about the capabilities of Alexa? Maybe you’ve had Alexa commands for a while, but haven’t used her to the full potential. Perhaps you’re looking to buy one for the first time.

No matter what the case might be, there are several household items that you can control using Amazon Alexa. This can make your home smarter and reduce the time that you spend on tedious tasks.

It’s important to learn about these things and how they can better your home. See below for several items that can be controlled with Alexa Commands. Your house will never be the same!

1. Ceiling Fan

Imagine being able to control the ceiling fan in your bedroom, living room, or office space with the sound of your voice.

No more having to reach up and pull the different switches. No more having to worry about which switch controls the lights and which controls the fan speed. No more risking injury by standing on a chair or bed to reach the fan.

Experts say that you should have your room anywhere between 62 and 66 degrees for optimal sleeping conditions. That’s never been easier thanks to the Smair bedroom ceiling fan.

You’ll be able to control both the lighting and the fan speed with Alexa commands, making it easy to use. It’s perfect for controlling the climate in your bedroom in the summer and winter months. Plus the perfect amount of white noise to help you sleep.

2. Ring Video Doorbell

Maybe you’ve felt a need lately to enhance security features around your home. You might just want a way to check in on those that arrive at your front doorstep.

If that’s the case, then you can’t go wrong with a Ring video doorbell, one of the hottest items on the market today. This doorbell has a high-definition video display and can give you a live view of who’s at your front door.

It’s easy to set up, allowing you to adjust the zones of your house to fit the layout of your home’s front door. For only $1 each month, you can record all videos of action and watch them for up to 60 days.

The Ring doorbell connects with Alexa and allows you to get announcements when someone has pressed the Ring doorbell button. You can also communicate with whoever is at the front door through Alexa.

3. Light Bulbs

Do you find yourself getting annoyed when you or your family members forget to turn the lights off when they leave a room? Do you wish you could somehow turn them off without walking up and down the stairs to do so?

Consider that pain point resolved, thanks to Alexa smart devices! All you need to do is purchase a smart light bulb (there are many on the market) that’s compatible with Alexa commands.

These handy lightbulbs are cost-efficient and easily sync up with Amazon Alexa to control the light dimming, as well as turning them on and off. From then on, it’s as easy as saying “Alexa, turn off the lights”. Just be sure to specify which ones!

4. Thermostat

One of the most popular and essential features of a smart home is having a smart thermostat. They allow you to control the temperature, as well as the energy that you use up in your home.

Not only can they turn your home into a comfortable climate, but they can also help you reduce your monthly energy bill, justifying their price point all the more!

There are many different brands on the market, so be sure to research which ones are compatible with Alexa.

Some of them, such as the Ecobee smart thermostat, can detect when you and your family aren’t home. When it does, it will change the temperature to a more energy-efficient level.

When you or a family member is on their way home, they can adjust the settings via the mobile app.

While you’re at home, the smart thermostat that you install can be controlled with Alexa commands. You can say things like “Alexa, set the thermostat to 67 degrees” or “Alexa, turn off the heater” and she’ll make it happen!

This feature is perfect for families that disagree on optimal temperature. They can change it as much as they’d like without going to and from the thermostat several times to do so.

5. Remote Control

Imagine not having to keep track of the four or five different remotes that you currently have for your entertainment system. Between remotes for the TV, Firestick, and video game console, it can be a hassle to get things up and running.

Fortunately, there are universal remote control options out there that are compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Now you can use Alexa to turn on things such as your Playstation gaming system, TV, soundbar, Blu-ray player, and so on. You can also use voice command to control the volume, leave it on for the dog while you’re gone, and so on.

While most of them come with a subscription option, you don’t need to subscribe to connect it to Alexa commands.

Invest in These Helpful Items With Alexa Commands

Now that you’ve seen several helpful household items that are compatible with Alexa commands, it’s time to invest in them for your smart home today!

Take the time to think through other objects of your smart home, such as motorized blinds, and research whether those can be synced up to Alexa as well.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on using Alexa commands, as well as many other helpful topics!

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