Stress is a part of life and everyone has a different way of handling it. Some people turn to deep breathing exercises when they feel overwhelmed while others do yoga to manage stress. But there are also those who find dusting shelves, clearing the kitchen counter, and organizing their closets to be effective in improving their mental health. While house cleaning is primarily a physical task, you can do it to manage your mental wellness.

Six Benefits of House Cleaning

It Keeps You Calm

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A cluttered environment can increase cortisol levels, which is your bodyโ€™s stress hormone. It can make you feel tense, confused, and irritable. This is because your mind sees clutter as a representation of unfinished business and incompleteness, which can be stressful. When you reduce clutter, you create a more relaxing environment. A tidy home is visually appealing and can help you feel calm and improve your sense of well-being. In addition, organizing and house cleaning are activities that can clear your mind. The process of making your bed, washing the dishes, vacuuming, and other hands-on house cleaning activities force you to focus on simple tasks that replicate the effects of being in a meditative state.

It Boosts Your Mood

A clean home lessens your stress and allows you to better manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. Fresh sheets, a clutter-free room, and an organized desk are associated with positive emotions so seeing them can uplift your mood. They can make you feel like you have new things to enjoy, which can give a sense of excitement. When you complete decluttering an area, you also feel more productive. You gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction about overcoming a task.

It Enhances Focus

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A messy and dirty environment also clutters your mind. It can impact your ability to concentrate and process information. In contrast, an organized area can motivate you to be more focused and productive with your task. So, if you find yourself having trouble focusing on a project, try clearing up the desk in your home office. A few minutes of removing any clutter may make it easier for you to put all your concentration on your task because fewer possessions reduce visual distractions.

Activities involving cleaning and organizing can also serve as mindfulness exercises. They help you stay present instead of letting your mind wander. For example, while you are washing the dishes, you pay attention to the movement of your hands, the feeling of water on your fingers, and the fragrance of the dish soap. At that moment, you only focus on your task and not on unnecessary concerns. Doing chores are a good mindfulness exercise for people recovering from mental illnesses like substance use disorder. Whether they attended a drug rehab Phoenix residents go to or a treatment facility elsewhere, they can do simple domestic chores to help them concentrate on their recovery rather than their past harmful habits.

It Gives You a Sense of Control

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It can be stressful when you are dealing with uncertainties and feel like you have no control over your life. Although these situations canโ€™t always be avoided, you can manage how you feel by doing tasks that give you a sense of control. Cleaning your house can provide control over your environment. Organizing your belongings can help you find some peace during a chaotic time. Also, decluttering your space can bring order to your environment, which can be empowering and motivate you to overcome challenges.

It Provides Inspiration

While house cleaning, you might stumble upon old or previously lost items. If they bring back specific memories, take time to reflect and appreciate them. These discoveries might remind you of a hobby you used to enjoy or inspire you to begin a project. When you feel like youโ€™re stuck in a rut, get up and find a part of your home that you can organize or a space that needs decluttering. It can help you remain productive while taking a break from your task and may end up sparking a new idea.

It Can Help You Build a Routine

what is included in a basic house cleaning

To ensure that your home stays tidy and clutter-free, make housecleaning part of your daily routine. Donโ€™t wait until your dishes have piled up in the sink or for the dust to form a thick layer on the shelves. Instead, do little bits of tidying each day. Pick one thing to house cleaning or organize every day so that you can always have a clean and relaxing environment. A small task like going through the mail just takes a few minutes, and you can save bigger projects like cleaning out your medicine cabinet for when you have more time to spare.

Donโ€™t underestimate the power of house cleaning. It wonโ€™t just help create a relaxing environment but it can also keep your mental health in check. If house cleaning seems like an overwhelming project, remember you donโ€™t need to schedule a week-long spring cleaning. You can pick up your dirty clothes off the floor today and handle the laundry tomorrow. Taking small but regular steps makes a difference in keeping your home clean and your stress manageable.

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