Not all of us have time (or funds) to travel to every fashion week. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep up with couture fashion trends!

Since we know you’re short on time, we’ve got you covered with a trend rundown. Read our favorite trends and how to wear them below!

Plaid on Plaid

Pattern mixing is having a moment, and Prada doesn’t think it’s over. Their spring shows were flush with similar but different patterns.

Their favorite? Plaid and stripes. At the show this spring, it felt like there wasn’t one model not wearing some version of plaid.

It gave us very Scottish couture fashion vibes. However, like most things Prada does, it worked.

Why? The lines in the plaid created visual interest and striking silhouettes.

Want to try it? Take a subtle plaid print slack and pair it with a large print plaid on top.

If you like that, then gradually make the bottom print bigger until you’re a fashion goddess.

Couture Fashion Stripes

Sticking with the pattern mixing trend, we saw tons of complimentary stripes in Paris. But with a modern twist.

We love how Tadashi Shoji’s candy-striped dress started the stripes in the middle of the body and splayed them out. The ruffle at the hip with the changing-to-vertical stripes was the icing on this look.

The trick to this couture fashion trend seems to be what Shoji did above, changing directions. You most likely have everything you need in your closet to create this Elfann look.

Find whatever striped pieces you have. Then, pick a bottom and try out a few tops. Remember, you’re looking for stripes in similar colors that are vertical on the top and horizontal on the bottom, or vice versa.

Depending on your body shape, you can use horizontal stripes to feature your favorite parts of your body and vertical to lengthen.

This trend seems scary at first, but once you see how this woman pulled it off, you’ll be itching to try it.

Not sure stripe mixing is for you? It can be very subtle. At the Balmain show, models wore striped bottoms with a striped contrast shirt sleeve peeking out the top.

If you have a striped shirt, pair it with a vest or a cardigan and use your stripe mixing as an accent, not a statement.

Graphic Brands

We’ve been saying it for years, the nineties are back! This time, they’re bringing on-chest branding with them.

This spring, it was easy to remember which couture fashion show you were at. All you had to do was read the models chests!

While we hated this look for a while a la the Hollister t-shirt trend, something about these big brand names has us sold.

Rock this grunge-chic look with a tailored, structured pant, classed up jewelry, and a graphic brand sweatshirt. You’ll look effortless but be a walking example of this year’s back-to-basics looks.

Finishing Your Look

One of the best things about these fashion trends is that you have most of what you need in your closet.

At most, you’ll need one of each of the trends above.

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