Are you in the beginning stages of planning your 2018 wedding?

There are several trends to follow in wedding sphere this year as you plan your perfect wedding.

One huge one is that couples are moving away from ethereal, light and airy weddings towards more dramatic and edgy ones.

As well, weddings are becoming less about particular themes or color palettes and more about the vibe of the wedding itself.

In 2018, expect to see a more relaxed feel to wedding planning, as focus shifts from these details to a larger picture.

Instead of simply having a rustic wedding, couples are taking it to another level by opting for a touch a rustic, with a hint of natural, and eccentric decor. This allows much more room for creativity and customizable.

Within this realm of vibe creation, here are eight 2018 wedding trends to keep in mind.

1. Geodes and Crystals

The beauty of crystals and geodes is truly otherworldly. This is likely the main reason that these natural curiosities are becoming mainstream decorations at weddings.

Picture crystals in the centerpieces, geode wedding cakes, and rose quartz bridal accessories.

Couples may especially enjoy this trend if they aren’t having a traditional, religious wedding, as crystals allow individuals to be somewhat spiritual without association with a particular belief system.

2. Mobile Bars

Alcohol is a long-held must-have at wedding receptions, but there is a new addition to the bar game that is one of the most functional 2018 wedding trends.

A mobile bar is essentially a bar that is mobile, and it can be built into a variety of different mediums.

Some quirky ones could include a camper, school bus, or even a converted horse box.

Regardless, it allows couples to serve unique beverages such as craft beer in an even more unique way.

3. Foliage Over Flowers

Greenery is here to stay, as foliage makes its way into 2018 wedding trends. Brides are choosing this option for centerpieces and bouquets for a natural, woodsy feel.

The best part of this wedding trend is that is actually cheaper than most flowers, making it both aesthetic and practical as decor.

4. Edison Light Bulbs

In 2017, couples swooned over fairy lights and industrial venues alike. Therefore, it is no surprise that Edison bulbs have been catching on as a trend this year.

These lights bathe the entire table with a warm glow that is hard to make with other forms of lighting.

Moreover, it gives the wedding a close-knit, rustic vibe that is pleasant for everyone.

5. Wedding Hashtags

Wedding hashtags may have been around in 2017 as well, but they are more popular than ever in 2018.

If you are having trouble deciding on a hashtag, consider a combo of your last or first names, and get creative!

Some examples could include #finallysmith, #smithwedding2018, or #johnandjane2018. Just don’t forget to include it in the information you send out to guests.

6. Dripping Wedding Cakes

Dripping wedding cakes are high on the 2018 wedding trend list, and pair extremely well with the more relaxed vibes.

As well, couples are getting more and more creative with different desserts for their weddings.

From doughnuts to cupcakes, to dessert cocktails, expect a wide variety of inspiration for your dessert table.

7. Celtic Handfasting

In a time where it is okay to opt for more unique experiences outside of the traditional church, older traditions are starting to become more mainstream.

This ceremonial act of tying the bride and grooms hands together is meant to symbolize unity, of their lives, hopes, and desires.

Normally, the officiant will invite the couple to join hands before proceeding, which symbolizes that they are entering the marriage on their own free will.

Moreover, the Celtic handfasting ceremony is actually the origin of the term “tying the knot”, though it was practiced mostly by Wiccans and pagans in the past.

This ritual is extremely customizable and allows many to get back in touch with their ancient roots.

8. Live Bands

Does a live band ever go out of style at a wedding reception?

The answer is clearly no, as no matter how far technology and music goes, nothing can take the place of a live band.

Live music truly brings the magic to your reception, but it’s important to find wedding musicians that are adaptable to your needs.

So, start planning early, and reach out to a variety of musicians within your budget and preferences to find the ideal one for your wedding.

9. Comfort Food

To the relief of couples everywhere, comfort food is a huge part of 2018 wedding trends.

Many receptions are opting for classic comfort foods like tacos, mac and cheese, and burgers over the class five-course meal. This allows couples to have more options for their reception dinner, and have more fun with it too.

The best wedding for you and your fiance may not include every single one of these 2018 wedding trends.

However, it is fun to include a few trends from the year, as it will give you something to look back on in the many years to come.

Moreover, these can give you a sense of inspiration to put your own unique spin on your wedding, without worrying that it won’t be “traditional”.

Traditions have their place, but today more and more couples are choosing eccentric options over classic ones, to let their own distinct flair stand out.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to think out of the box, and be a bit untraditional in your approach.

The most important thing is that you, your fiance, and your guests have a good time. The details of exactly how you all have a good time are up to you.

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