While there are many fun activities you can enjoy while on vacation, nothing is quite like the amazing experience of riding horses on the beach in Florida. It’s a memory you’ll be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Are you wondering what it’s like to go horseback riding on the beach?

Keep reading to learn about your new favorite vacation activity.

1. Where to Go

Of course, you can’t exactly ride horses on the beach anywhere. When it comes to Florida, though, there are certain beaches that allow it.

Located in northwest Florida, Cape San Blas is one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. Best of all, it’s the perfect place to ride a horse. All you have to do is go to the stables that are outfitted with rubber pavers, hire out your horse, and gallop alongside the sunset.

If you want to be guided on a beach tour while riding horses on the beach, then Fort Pierce is the place for you.

The gorgeous shore of Amelia Island in northeast Florida is another picturesque location where you can go horseback riding.

There are many other places you can ride too, including Anna Maria Island, Ponte Vedra, and Canaveral National Seashore.

2. How to Do It

If you’ve never ridden a horse before, then you might be feeling a little intimidated at the idea of it. However, simple riding techniques can be learned quite quickly.

The best way to go about riding your first horse on the beach is to have a friend on a more experienced horse ride with you. This will allow you to feel more comfortable and be guided if need be.

Because you’ll be on the beach, you’ll need to be mindful of the water. A horse who has never seen the ocean before can get pretty stressed out from crashing waves. Additionally, a horse can get a little dizzy when slushing through the water, so it’s best to avoid it altogether and remain on the sand.

On the other hand, sand can present its own problems, depending on how fine it is. If you’re riding across big dunes, for instance, then you’ll want to be extra careful. Even wet sand can sink and move.

It’s best to allow your horse to get used to the deep footing before getting into the full swing of your ride.

It’s worth noting that a horse can tire more easily when going across sand so you should be mindful of your animal’s stamina and not go too hard on them.

Aside from the waves and the sand, beachgoers with kites or balls or any number of distractions can startle your horse. Always be prepared to calm them if anything should happen.

Ready to Go Horseback Riding on the Beach?

Now that you know all about horseback riding on the beach, it’s sure to become your new favorite vacation activity.

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