According to one survey, about 47% of women say that they have a hormonal imbalance.

If you think that you’re in a part of that percentage, you might be wondering what the hormone imbalance signs are.

To find out if you may have this issue, make sure you keep reading to find out what the symptoms can be.

1. Mood Swings

Hormones control your emotions, and if they’re off, it can give you serious mood swings. Estrogen is one of the common hormones that will affect how much serotonin is released in your brain, which helps to make you happy.

If you don’t’ have enough estrogen, you might find yourself moody and cranky. Having this during PMS is normal, but if it happens every other day, you might want to talk to your doctor.

While eating right and exercising can help you manage these hormones, you may also want to check out Happy Hormones for Life.

2. Tiredness

You might also find yourself extremely tired. If you can’t think of any reason you’d be tired, your adrenal glands might not be making enough to help you feel rested.

Being extremely tired is also a symptom of hypothyroidism, which can also cause hormonal imbalance in women.

3. Low Libido

While your menstrual cycle will change your libido throughout the month, this is normal. What’s not normal is when you have a low libido constantly.

Libido is affected by estrogen and testosterone. Men typically have more testosterone, but women have some as well. If you don’t have a to of it, you may find that you have a hormonal imbalance.

4. Anxiety

Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety, but the different hormones can actually change how bad your anxiety might be.

Women suffer from anxiety at larger rates than men do because estrogen affects anxiety. If you have enough estrogen, it will calm your anxiety, but if you don’t have enough estrogen, your anxiety will get out of control.

5. Weight Gain

Lastly, you might have weight gain that you can’t explain. Unexplained weight gain comes from having a thyroid that isn’t working very well.

However, it can also be related to polycystic ovary syndrome. You might want to have your doctor check for both of those if you can’t think of any other reason for your weight gain.

6. Depression

While depression is another common mental disorder, having the wrong hormones releasing in your head can make you feel depressed.

While depression can be caused by reasons that aren’t hormonal, you may find that fixing your hormones can actually increase your happiness as well.

Discover More of the Different Hormone Imbalance Signs

These are only a few of the common hormone imbalance signs in women, but there are many more to watch out for.

If you have these or any other symptoms, you should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. They’ll be able to order the correct tests for you and recommend a treatment plan.

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