Living in a temperate climate can be great – outdoor living extends your home’s living area, whether it is on the patio or by the pool. The outdoor blinds that allow you to take advantage of outdoor space are also an excellent addition to your indoor living areas, accentuating interior aesthetics. But with all the choices out there, how do you know what outdoor window treatments are best for your home? Outdoor blinds come in so many types and styles that they have become as much a part of outdoor decorating as outdoor furniture or outdoor lighting.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Blinds


  • Direction of exposure (East/West vs. North/South)
  • Direction of outdoor activities
  • Amount of outdoor natural light allowed in or blocked out by outdoor blinds, awnings and shades
  • Privacy level desired from outdoor blinds
  • Level of insulation desired from outdoor blinds
  • Wind/weather conditions that the outdoor blinds will be subjected to on an ongoing basis.

If you live in an outdoor paradise like San Diego or other Southern California locale, outdoor blinds probably seem like a luxury, not a necessity. After all, outdoor living brings an outdoor life and solar screen blinds for outdoor patios will never be as popular as the indoor variety.

However, there are actually several reasons why outdoor blinds can enhance your outdoor experience but still should remain primarily inside. We’ve created this slideshow to explain:

Why Homeowners Need both Indoor and Outdoor Blinds

  • Outdoor blinds provide more than just shade and privacy. They help control air and light and create ambiance and interest with ease. Since today’s outdoor blind materials excel at keeping outdoor spaces cool, outdoor blinds can actually save money on air-conditioning costs.
  • However outdoor blinds are only as smart as the people who design and install them. This is because outdoor blinds require a great deal more thought in their installation and use to ensure they function properly and fulfill all homeowners’ outdoor needs. Ask your contractor to speak with an outdoor blind expert who will bring his/her wealth of knowledge to you for a free consultation. It’s important that you have realistic expectations about how these outdoor blinds will manage heat gain, light control, safety and security to achieve a finished look that’s exactly what you want.
  • Also ask your contractor about the coverings available from Vanguard. Because we cover our outdoor blind fabric with outdoor-rated glazing instead of outdoor-rated film, our outdoor blind fabrics can block up to 98 percent of the sun’s heat (solar gain) during peak periods (hot summer days), which will help you maintain lower indoor temperatures.
  • Our outdoor blind fabrics also provide a high level of UV protection and outdoor strength, so they’ll last longer than ever before. Our outdoor blind fabrics can even repel nearly all moisture, spills and stains for easier cleaning.
  • Outdoor blinds have come a long way from their humble beginnings as outdoor versions of traditional, boring or ill-fitting indoor window treatments. In this slideshow, we explore just some of today’s outdoor blind options available from Vanguard. When combined with outdoor blind installation solutions from your outdoor blind experts, outdoor blinds can increase outdoor living appeal and value.



Q: Do outdoor window blinds require a different installation approach than indoor window blinds?

A: Outdoor window coverings must be designed with outdoor conditions in mind, resulting in the need for more durable materials, stronger adhesives and special hardware. In addition to outdoor-rated glazing, outdoor blind fabrics should be made from materials that won’t become brittle because of exposure to UV rays or deteriorate because of outdoor moisture. You may also consider replacing screws with outdoor-rated hardware that doesn’t rust.

Q: Are outdoor blind fabrics as versatile as indoor blind fabrics?

A: Absolutely! When you choose a Vanguard outdoor shade for your home, you have so many options to choose from – color, texture and patterns, to name a few.

Q: Are outdoor blinds difficult to maintain?

A: Outdoor blind fabrics are engineered for outdoor function and they stand up well to outdoor conditions. However, if you want to keep them looking their best, homeowners should avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals or abrasives that may harm the outdoor blind fabric, especially when they’re in direct sunlight. It’s also important not to pull cords too tightly because this could create permanent creases in the outdoor blind fabric. Consult your outdoor shade retailer on proper cord care techniques and other maintenance tips.


Outdoor blinds are designed to provide

Outdoor blinds are designed to provide the best shading, light-control and insulation for outdoor living areas. When combined with outdoor blind installation practices, outdoor window coverings can help homeowners save money on energy bills by reducing the need to run air conditioning. And, outdoor blind fabrics are available in a multitude of styles, colors and textures that will give your outdoor spaces a stylish look at an affordable price.

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