Florida is home to some 21.5 million inhabitants, with around two-thirds of those people being homeowners. While the vast majority of them will likely never have to contend with a break-in or home invasion, these are not the only ways a home is vulnerable, nor does that mean you shouldn’t plan for the worst.

Below are some of the important home security measures every homeowner in Florida should take, regardless of where they live.

Home Alarm System

Home Alarm System

The need for home security in Florida is often viewed as a function of some troubling, but real national crime statistics. For instance, violent and property crime rates in Florida are slightly higher than the national average. In 2018, there were almost half a million instances of property crime, 372,000 instances of larceny and theft, 82,000 violent crimes, and 72,000 instances of burglary.

A home alarm system that keeps your ports of entry secure, including all doors and windows, is a great first line of defense against criminals and property crime. Alarms draw unwanted attention to people who obviously would rather not be caught in a criminal act and notify the perpetrator that law enforcement is on the way. Signs advertising that your home is protected by an alarm system is often enough in and of themselves to deter property crime.

Home Surveillance System

Home Surveillance System

Whether this means a closed-circuit camera system or a smart-home camera system connected to your home’s (secured) internet connection, home surveillance is another popular approach to home security for Floridians for reasons that are similar to those mentioned in the above section on alarm systems.

Seeing a camera in a doorway, or even a sign on a lawn or light post that a home is invigilated by a camera system is, again, often enough to deter any potential criminal from trying to gain access to your home. Make these signs and the cameras conspicuous and strategically located around your home to maximize their deterrent effect. Done correctly, you should never even have to rely on the footage captured.

Remote Home Security Features

Remote Home Security Features

Living in Florida means having access to some of the most impressive and popular natural places in all of North America. The opportunities for outdoor and leisure activities in the Sunshine State are spectacular, and Floridians like to get out and enjoy everything their state has to offer.

With that in mind, it is important to consider the risks involved with spending so much time away from your home. Luckily, comprehensive smart home security systems provide you with remote access to your locks, central heating, lighting, alarm and camera systems, and smart appliances, giving you total control whether you are on the golf course, at the beach, or fishing the canals.

Hurricane Security Measures

We would be remiss if we didn’t include a different but equally important home security measure that any Floridian, permanent resident, or seasonal snowbird, should always have at the forefront of emergency decision-making and planning: hurricane preparedness. Florida lies square in the western Atlantic’s hurricane belt, with plenty of past events and destruction to point to.

Home security means not just fortifying your home against intrusion and human threats, but natural ones as well. Floridians should have things like candles, waterproof matches, flashlights and spare batteries, a battery-operated radio, a whistle, a local map, a first aid kit, and bottled water on hand. These are to protect your home’s inhabitants, but flood and hurricane insurance should also be considered an essential part of natural disaster-related home security in Florida.


If you live in or spend a considerable amount of time at a home in Florida, you get to enjoy one of the most beautiful states in the country and some of the most beautiful real estate in North America. Don’t let all that beauty distract you: take the time to implement the above home security measures and make your time spent in the Sunshine State safe and stress-free.

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