People love to find new ways for home renovation, so they can make those houses look more beautiful and appealing. However, lots of people focus on adding new amenities or changing the walls, but you can do some renovations by adding tiles to your home. If you want some key locations you can add tiles to your home renovation, you should try these spots.

Home Renovation: You Can Use Tiles


Benefits to Having an Outdoor Fireplace

Many people like to have fireplaces in their homes, so you should see if you can get a tiled fireplace. By putting tile around your fireplace, you can make it safer from potential fire emergencies. After all, you never know when the fire might get out of control, so you need a way to prevent it from spreading.

If you have tile around your fireplace, the fire won’t spread to the rest of your house since the tiles won’t catch on fire. Some people like to go with bricks around their fireplaces, but you may prefer the look and style of tile. Look into what Home Reporter News has to say on steps to tiling a fireplace surround and hearth if you want to have a unique one in your home.


If you don’t have tiles in your bathroom, you should make some renovations to the bathroom immediately. Tile is a common choice for bathrooms due to the water in those areas that could lead to damage. For example, if water spills from the sink or shower, you don’t want your carpet to get soaked, so you could use tile as a way to avoid problems.

You can put tile on the floors, as a backsplash, and throughout your bathroom to keep it safe from water. On top of that, the toilet could overflow at times, so you need to avoid water-related problems by putting tile in your bathrooms. In short, if your bathroom doesn’t already have tile in it, you should put some in as soon as possible.


stainless steel undermount kitchen sinks

You should also consider putting tiles into your kitchen to avoid water damage. For example, if you have a spill near the sink or drop water on the ground while you cook, the carpet may absorb it which could lead to damage. On the other hand, if you have tile instead, you will protect your carpet from those potential damages.

To add to these points, you can also make your kitchens look nicer as you update your floor with tile. Many people feel kitchens look nicer with wooden or tile flooring, so you should add it to your kitchen to help you meet your needs. You can even add some tiles to your sink backsplash to make it look nicer while protecting your walls.


You can also add tiles to your hallways if you want to make them look beautiful. Many times, people will have carpeted or wooden floors in their hallways, but others may not like how it looks. Due to this, you could go with tile in your hallways, so they have a unique and eloquent look among the other rooms in your house.

If you plan to have tile hallways, you should avoid going overboard with them since you don’t want to have too much tile on your floor. However, if you have many carpeted rooms such as your living room, dining room or office, then tile made add to the style of your home while making it stand out from the other rooms.

Front and Back Doors

You can even put tile in front of your front and back doors if you want to make an impression when people enter your house. These tiles should surround the doors for a few feet, so the area can be covered and protected. When people enter the house, they could track in mud or dirt, so the tile could protect the rest of your home.

For example, if you have carpet in front of those doors, you could end up with mud all over your carpets. On the other hand, if you put tile in front of them with a rug, you won’t have to worry as much about stains. You can even add tile in front of your garage door if you have one, so you can protect that area from stains and other damages.

Laundry Room

Home Renovations

While you may focus on protecting the carpet from dirt and water, you should be mindful of other potential damages. Due to this, many people will put tile into their laundry rooms, so they can protect their floors from chemicals. People sometimes store chemicals and cleaners in their laundry rooms, so doing so can help you avoid stains.

Cleaners such as bleach and detergent can end up staining carpet, so the tile would make it easier to deal with. If you spill any while in the laundry room, you can easily clean off the tile and get the room back in good condition. To add to this, you won’t need to worry about damages from water leaks if anything unexpected happens to your washing machines.


If you need your home renovation, you should try adding tiles to these areas. They will help you create a unique home while making it more appealing. On top of that, you could potentially boost the value of your home depending on the tiles you decide to use. Feel free to review these options, choose your preferred tile, contact Fort Lauderdale tile removal and renovate your home.

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