Maintaining a home is hard work! And you probably have a long list of home improvements, repairs, and home maintenance tips you’ve been meaning to try.

But is checking your garage door one of them? Probably not.

Homeowners tend to overlook the importance of a well-functioning garage door until it’s too late. Don’t be blindsided by garage door issues.

Read below for 5 signs you need garage door maintenance.

1. Unusually Loud Noises

It’s normal for your garage door to make noise. But if the noise seems to be getting louder or you hear excessive grinding, squeaking, or squealing, call a repair service.

You may be able to get some simple maintenance done without having to completely replace the door. But if you wait for things to get worse, you’ll end up spending more money in the long run.

2. Slow to Open or Close

Slow to Open or Close

When you hit the garage door open or close button, the door should react within a few seconds. If it doesn’t, there could be a problem with the springs or the rollers.

But before you call a replacement service, try lubricating the rollers first with a lubricant designed for garage doors. If the lubricant doesn’t work, you might have a mechanical issue.

3. Lots of Dents

Dents in your garage door are not only an eyesore – they are also a good sign that your garage door needs an update.

You can try pushing out the dents, but it’s not a long-term solution. If you’re ready to replace your old, dented garage door check out these budget garage doors.

4. Door Is Sagging

Door Is Sagging

If you notice that your garage door is sagging, it’s in need of repair. Sagging is caused by an imbalance. It usually happens when the springs start to wear down.

You can test whether the door is unbalanced by opening it about halfway. If it starts to fall on its own, you have a problem. Search for the best repair company in your area and call them to investigate the issue.

5. Won’t Open or Close

This is one of the more obvious signs that you are in need of garage door repair or replacement. If your garage door won’t open or close you might have a bad control panel or a technical issue with the springs.

Make sure to clear the area around the garage door when testing to see if you can get it to open or close. If you can’t identify the issue on your own, call in a professional service to check it out.

Ready for More Home Maintenance Tips?

Now that you’ve diagnosed the problem with your garage door, you’re ready to move on to your next home project.

Whether it’s home decor, kitchen construction, or building a pool – there are endless ways to improve your home.

And we’re here to help! Check out all the home maintenance tips you could ever need on our site.

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