With the beckoning of the winter season, home heating becomes a priority for every household. People use gas, oil, wood, solar power or liquid petroleum for this purpose. In order to get heat and keep the heat for longer, so that one can extract the most of the dollar spent here, are some points to remember. 

Using Wood, Pellets and Coal to heat the house

Using one of these sources to heat the home may need higher maintenance, and create more pollution but is surely a lower burden on the household budget. There are numerous varieties of heaters that use wood to heat homes- wood stoves, fireplaces, coal stoves or an outdoor furnace. In order to make the best of such systems the following tips can help.

  • Getting regular professional checks done to avoid clogging.
  • Get the Chimney swept from time to time.
  • Keep ample supply of fuel, and keep it safe and dry.
  • Regular cleaning of the system by removing ash, and keeping air flow regular.

Using LP, Oil and Gas for Home Heating

There sources of heat can be a huge burden on the home budget every year. Here are some ways to save and make the best of it.

  • Get the Furnace cleaned and inspected periodically. This will help it perform to its peak.
  • The heating registers should be cleaned regularly. Since their convection system is effected if they are clogged with dust and dirt.
  • Choose to get a furnace that is energy-star rated. These are fuel efficient and will give you more heat per dollar. You can also choose to get high quality heating solutions for your home from Absolute Refrigeration.

Making sure the heat generated isn’t lost

By insulating the house, one can make sure the heat generates lasts longer and isn’t lost quickly.

  • Make sure there are no drafts or outlets to let heat out by sealing any possible leaks. Use old clothes to seal areas around the pipe, foundation and sill of the house.
  • Make use of plastic covers for frames of the window for the entire winter season. These can be got from a hardware store.
  • Make sure the chimney is well sealed.
  • Since heat rises so make sure to seal and insulate the attic before the cellar. The soffit vents must also be insulated in order to avoid water damage and ice dams.
  • Make sure to check for leaks by using a detector or an infrared thermometer.

Solar energy as a source of home heating

If the house is insulated properly one can look as solar energy systems to generate heat too. Solar water heaters or solar air heaters are both efficient ways to employ this method. The air heater can be uses on sunny days to generate heat, and insulation can help keep the heat inside during the night.

  • One must make sure there are no air leaks if the solar heater needs to do its job properly.
  • Make sure the heater is shut and closed in the evening so it does not let any heat out.
  • The tubes of the solar water heaters must be cleaned so that no snow gets collected on it. The pipes must be softly cleaned and protected with a cover or over-hangs so the snow doesn’t get to them.
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