Are you the kind of person who loves exercising but hates the gym? It’s understandable why.

Working out at the gym is a convenient way to access different types of equipment, but the gym is not for everyone. You can exercise your way and save money with a home gym.

But most home-gymmers aren’t sure which equipment to use. Unless you’re a fitness expert, it’s difficult to know what you need or the best equipment to use.

And trainers in specialized fitness areas, such as Crossfit, may have a harder time finding the equipment they need for their training regimen.

Don’t be intimidated by a home gym any longer! Here are 9 home gym necessities to buy for your home gym.

1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the staple of any exercise. Do you only plan on exercising for short amounts of time or sporadically throughout the day? You can get a quick muscle workout with dumbbells.

You can use several different moves with dumbbells, they come in a variety of different weights, they help tone your body, improve strength, and build muscle. Dumbbells are also extremely simple to use.

Some people may say dumbbells are the only fitness tool they need. For best results, buy a set of dumbbells with different weights to maximize your fitness routine.

It doesn’t matter which fitness goals you’re conquering, anyone can use dumbbells.

2. Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are a useful tool when toning.

The classic exercise ball move is doing ab crunches while sitting on the ball. But you can do any move while lying on the exercise ball.

Since you’re trying to stabilize yourself, your muscles work even harder.

While there are many exercise balls on the market, opt for a pricier one. Cheap exercise balls can easily deflate. Expensive ones are made of quality material and can handle body weight.

3. Resistance Bands

If you want to increase flexibility without paying for yoga classes, add resistance band workouts to your fitness regimen.

Resistance bands, such as these from WODFitters, help improve strength but also work on your flexibility. They can be used for any workout and there are plenty of exercises recommended with resistance bands.

Your best bet is to buy a set of resistance bands with varying resistance. There are light bands that are easy to use and heavier bands if you really want to increase your strength.

4. Floor Mat

If you do any floor-based exercises, such as yoga, a floor mat is essential. Rather than stretch it out on the tile or wood flooring, a floor mat gives enough comfort while adding a solid surface to support your body.

If you aren’t a yoga person, there are even plenty of workouts that require floor activity. A floor mat is inexpensive and provides the support that your body needs.

5. Bosu Balance Trainer

Have you tried the exercise ball but found it challenging? Maybe you like the resistance challenge but don’t really care for the ball. Opt for the Bosu Balance Trainer.

This is an exercise ball cut it half. The flat side is on the bottom so the ball keeps its balance, but the ball’s surface provides a challenging surface for your workouts.

You can do any exercise on the Bosu for best results. But certain workouts, such as push-ups and leg raises, are recommended on the Bosu.

6. Resistance Bands with Handles

Do you want more possibilities with the resistance bands? Buy a set with handles.

You can have a handle in each hand and do great workouts such as the pec fly, or you can attach the handle to a steady surface and do bicep curls or ab crunches.

These resistance bands offer a full-body workout like the traditional resistance bands: they increase strength, flexibility, and endurance while improving stabilization, coordination, balance, and mobility.

If you don’t need intense gym equipment, resistance bands are all you need.

7. Cable Machine

If you want the most diverse piece of gym equipment and are willing to spend a few bucks, a cable machine is a necessity. With cables, you adjust the height where you pull and have a variety of weight options to choose from.

You can easily do bicep curls and tricep extensions, leg lifts, and even oblique crunches with cables. Just about every workout you perform can be done on a cable machine.

Be prepared to spend a pretty penny. On average, cable machines run about $2,000. But it’s money well-spent.

8. Plyometric Box

Who knew a simple box would be an amazing fitness tool?

A plyometric box helps increase your cardio efforts exponentially. You can even incorporate this box into your strength training regimen, such as stepping up and down with lunges or stepping up while working triceps.

Be sure you get a fitness box. These boxes are made of strong material that supports your body weight. These boxes cost around $50 but make any workout more challenging.

9. Cardio Machines

Finally, what kind of home gym doesn’t have cardio machines? Regardless of your fitness goals, cardio is essential for everyone. Cardio has many benefits, such as burning fat, improving your heart rate and even increasing your metabolism.

There are a variety of cardio options. You can spend a pretty penny and buy an effective cardio bike. Or, you can buy a quality treadmill that helps you increase and decrease your resistance.

For cheaper options, a stair climber is a favorite for those who want to build leg strength while getting their cardio fix. Finally, the elliptical is the perfect all-in-one cardio, stabilization and strength training machine.

Will You Use These Home Gym Necessities?

Whether you’re ditching the gym or are beginning your fitness journey, a home gym is a great alternative to the traditional gym. Understanding gym equipment is vital. But it’s natural to be intimidated by all of the options.

Fortunately, these home gym necessities will give you results that challenge the benefits of the home gym essentials.

Use all or most of this equipment and conquer your fitness goals from the comfort of home.

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