Do you want to take a trip to the Holy Land but cannot afford the time or the money it would take to get there?

Maybe you want to spend your vacation with your children, but they are too small to travel to the Holy Land in the Middle East.

There’s another option available to you: you could enjoy a fun-filled Florida destination which offers something different. 

We are going to tell you about a place you so unique and special there is only one of its kind in Florida. Learn about the joy, fun, and adventure the Holy Land experience offers.

Keep reading, because we have some great information to share about our faith-based unique activities, attractions, and events.

Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land experience brings the living and breathing bible to you and your family. It does this through exhibits, attractions, shows, and activities.

It is a park dedicated to making the Bible interactive with you and your family. This unique concept provides hours of interesting and family-oriented Christian-themed attractions.

Some of these attractions include;

  • The Wilderness Tabernacle – where you and your family journey with Aaron and Eleazar as they become what God calls them to be.
  • The Scriptorium – visit the Scriptorium which is our museum and library. We house priceless artifacts and biblical manuscripts. 
  • A Church for All Nations – attend our 2,000 seat Church of All Nations to pray and worship. We offer dramatic productions, live programs, and musical guests too.
  • The Smile of a Child Adventure Land – provides entertainment for the whole family. We offer rock-climbing walls, mini golf, and a smile of a child theatre where your child can be part of the show.
  • Jerusalem Model A.D. 66 – Come visit with us in the eternal city. We have a Jerusalem model which is the largest indoor replica of Jerusalem in the world. 
  • The Great Temple – Every member of the family enjoys the grandeur of The Great Temple. It brings biblical history to life as it recreates hallowed Mount Moriah in 1st century Jerusalem.

Christian Theme Park

The portrayal of heroes in many movies and a lot of books is everywhere. We see them on commercials and TV shows.

But there are real heroes who lived long ago we need to teach our children about. There are heroes who live today too who are not on TV shows or movies.

Sometimes they work at Christian theme parks. Many Christian theme parks have real heroes that don’t seek the limelight because they are teachers and helpers for others.

Every Christian theme park tries to employ people who fit their mission of care and faith. National Geographic did an article on the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, describing the detail and faith which fill the park.  

That’s because many of the actors and performers used in a Christian theme park are giving, caring, and faith-filled people.

At the Holy Land Experience Park, National Geographic interviewed a trained Cuban ballerina. They spoke to a grandchild of Holocaust survivors and a military veteran.

All are now learning and teaching their biblical beliefs. They all eat, perform, and pray together.

When they are not working, they volunteer in soup kitchens, work with the at-risk populations, and donate time and services to many in need.

They are the living and breathing meaning behind the word hero. You may not see them on a popular TV show or movie.

What they do serves a greater purpose, and they want you to come and see them with your family.

Holy Land Orlando

Holy Land Orlando offers so much to so many people, it is hard to describe what should you do first.

The park offers Broadway-styled theatrical productions. Each production filled with love and faith in every scene.

Every exhibit offered immerses the viewer in the biblical atmosphere. Care and faith are around every corner.

Holy Land Orlando works with every age group. Every age group can find something in every attraction, exhibit or production which amazes or delights.

It’s hard to beat having a trained archaeologist explain the Jerusalem model. Or a Broadway-styled Mary Magdalene show which moves you to tears.

If you need to feel, see, and read the real biblical text, Holy Land Orlando has the Scriptorium. The Scriptorium brings Christian faith alive in their bound book collection.

Trinity Broadcasting Network owns the park. Trinity is the largest Christian media corporation in the United States.

This merging of a broadcasting network and a Christian based theme parks in Orlando provides visitors with the best possible result, allowing every visitor to feel a part of the experience when they visit attractions or performances.

There is live and interactive communication between actors and audience members. Their communication offers fun and faith-based lessons.

Holy Land Experience

The Holy Land Experience is everything you never knew you needed all in one place for you and your family. 

We want you and your family to come and immerse yourself in the Holy Land Experience today.

Learn more about what you can do, or find at the Holy Land Experience. Visit this website now to find out more. We offer what you cannot find anywhere else and we want you to be a part of it.

Many of the people who work there seek you out to make sure you have what you need or can get to where you want to go.

No one is a stranger. It’s almost as if you have stepped back in time and have become a part of an era when towns were small and everyone was a neighbor.

When you knew when someone needed your help and you were there for them. One can say the Holy Land Experience makes you almost feel as if you could have walked in the world when it was smaller but had a more caring essence.

If you become part of the Holy Land Experience while you visit, you almost feel richer by the light which now shines on your path.

How Do I Learn More about the Holy Land Experience?

Don’t let one more day go by without learning about how faith travels by light. Visit the Holy Land Experience to learn how you can enjoy a light-filled experience with your family which will embrace you with joy.

Where else can you find faith and joy in a theme park right in the middle of a state known for its love of children and families? 

Check out our website for more information on things to do in Florida with your family. 

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