Did you know that, in the US, golf is a $70 billion industry?

Golfers can choose from all sorts of equipment and accessories aimed at improving their style, comfort, and game.

That’s what makes finding gifts for the golfer who has everything even more difficult.

When it’s time to buy gifts for the golfer in your life, you might benefit from some direction.

Whether they’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to impress the golfer in your life with these gift ideas.

Read this before you start hunting for the perfect golf lover gifts.

Gifts for the Golfer Who Has Everything

When the golfer in your life is the type to get themselves whatever they need, then you have to be creative.

Are they someone who likes gadgets and technology or someone who likes to look good on the course?

Do they need some help improving their game or should they be showing off their love (and skill) for golf?

To make it easier, we’ve broken down the best gifts for the golfer who has everything into 2 categories — gifts to improve their game and gifts to improve their comfort and style.

To Improve Their Game

Helping improve your golfers game involves the right equipment and the right tracking and analyzing devices.

With these three golf gifts, you’re sure to help them take a few strokes off their game.

Performance Tracker

A performance tracker collects real-time data about distance, accuracy, and other stats related to performance.

You can connect them to a smartphone or Apple Watch, where the dashboard will analyze trends and determines strengths and weaknesses.


The purpose of a rangefinder is to find out the distance to the flag. Knowing that helps a golfer choose the right club for the shot and can improve their game drastically.


But knowing what club to use is only half the battle. A good set of clubs can make or break a golfers game.

A baseline set of clubs should include a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron set, wedge, and putter.

To Improve Their Comfort and Style

Admit it. Golfing is partly about how you look and function when you’re not hitting the ball.

When you spend hours a day on the field, you not only want to look great, you want to feel comfortable too.

These gifts are the perfect addition or upgrade for any golfer that puts as much effort into their comfort and style as their swing.

Golf Bag

When you’re talking about the golfer who has everything, they probably have a bag for their clubs.

But what about for their other golf equipment? They could probably use a bag to carry their shoes (as well as any ice and drinks they bring along for the game).


Speaking of shoes, if your golfer already has a pair, why not pick them out a comfortable pair to change into after they’ve taken off their cleats?

Consider a cozy pair of boat shoes that will match any golf outfit.

Personalized Extras

You can’t get any more unique than a personalized item – a great gift for golfers that they’re sure not to have already.

Look into personalized Trophies Plus Medals or even personalized golf ball markers.

More Health and Fitness Info

As golf becomes increasingly popular, it’s likely you’ll eventually have a golfer to buy for.

And when you’re looking for gifts for the golfer who has everything, you can choose from accessories and equipment that improves their game or their comfort.

Whether you go with a performance tracker or a new golf bag, you’re sure to impress the golfer in your life with these gifts.

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