With the Hispanic vote set to play an important role in the outcome of several races in the November elections, three Florida Republicans have gone on Spanish-language radio to support Democrat Alex Sink for governor.

The Miami Herald‘s Naked Politics has the complete text from Miami-Dade School Board Member Raquel Regalado, economist Tony Villamil and state Sen. Alex Villalobos:

Hi, I’m Raquel Regalado, and I’m supporting Alex Sink for Governor because we have things in common. … Both her children, and mine, attended — and attend — public schools. And because we agree that education needs to be a top priority. Alex Sink recognizes the important role education plays to create jobs.

I’m economist Tony Villamil. I know how Florida’s economy functions because I was director of economic affairs under Jeb Bush. As an economist, I have compared Alex Sink’s and Rick Scott’s plans and can I tell you with confidence that Alex Sink has the best program to develop new industries and create jobs.

I’m Sen. Alex Villalobos. Even though we belong to different parties, Alex Sink and I have worked closely to combat fraud. That’s why I am so concerned that Rick Scott won’t say why his company was fined $1.5 billion for fraud, the highest fine in history. Today we need transparent leaders that will stimulate the economy, support our public schools and support our small businesses — irrespective of their party. That’s why my family and I are voting for Alex Sink for governor.

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