SOMOS REPUBLICANS, the largest conservative Hispanic grassroots organization is a leader in advocating pro growth, pro business and pro immigrant ideas. We are not in support of SB 2040, an E-Verificiation Bill which is supported by Florida State Senator Anitere Flores.

“We are based in Arizona and have watched what enforcement-only initiatives have done to destroy our economy, ” Garcia told the Florida Independent,  “and we don’t want to see that happen Florida.”

We are particularly disappointed in Senator Anitere Flores for showing her incompetence for introducing an Arizona-style anti-immigrant law. We believe she is wasting tax payer monies and resources by using Committees and the Senate floor to serve as a type of show room.

According to Somos, this statement prompted a letter from Flores, R-Miami, that calls Somos comments uncertain, disingenuous, and irresponsible.

The Legislation that I have proposed neither vilifies immigrants nor denies anyone due process. In fact, it puts all the onus on employers. As I have said many times, SB 2040 is a work in progress. Rather than criticize, I invite you to work on making it the best bill possible.

The Independent contacted Flores’ office to get her comments on this exchange with Somos Republicans, but she did not respond.

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