Thousands of people invest in vacation properties worldwide each year, hoping to travel on a budget and have an exciting time exploring fantastic destinations. However, several buyers often end up disappointed in the investment because they may have been tricked into the deal by unethical sales tactics.

Are you considering hiring an attorney for timeshare cancellation, too? If yes, then know that you can choose from many capable lawyers to complete the job. The following information details certain critical things you should know about canceling timeshares by hiring a legal expert.

Things To Know When Cancelling A Timeshare Contract

Know What Timeshare Cancellation And Exit Mean

Document Your Property

Statistics show that the number of US housing units used as vacation homes is rising steadily, showing how quickly the timeshare market is growing. But cancellations are rising, too, in many scenarios. However, many folks may not be aware that cancellation and exit are two different things. Cancellation refers to getting out of your timeshare deal within the rescission period. In contrast, exit happens after the rescission period has passed.

It is advisable to hire an attorney with experience in both cancellation and exit matters so that they can help you in whichever case applies to you. Otherwise, you may end up with an amateur who has yet to learn how to proceed with your case.

Be Transparent With The Lawyer

lawyer and client

Most attorneys will do their best to help you, but they cannot guarantee the outcome, especially if they do not have all the crucial information they need for a positive result. That’s why it is pivotal, to be honest with your attorney about your situation and provide them with all the information necessary to do their job correctly.

Several factors can contribute to whether or not a timeshare cancellation is successful. These include the type of contract you signed, your ability to prove fraud or misrepresentation by the seller/developer, and whether or not the developer has declared bankruptcy.

Hiring an experienced attorney can be wise if you want to cancel your contract without any hassles at the earliest possible. Experienced professionals succeed more in court as they know how the legal system works and understand the timeshare industry.

So, find a lawyer who can get your contract successfully canceled for various reasons within a reasonable period. For instance, they can help you if you cannot afford the loan any longer, are sued by the developer, or have been blindsided into the deal by a deceptive salesperson. Additionally, a lawyer can assist you in case of a breach of contract by the developer, where they fail to fulfill their obligations outlined in the agreement.

Research Lawyer Capability And Reputation

Timeshare Contract

When looking for an attorney for a timeshare cancellation, selecting a capable one with a solid reputation is vital. You can read reviews about them online and check out their website to see if they have any information about how much it will cost or what kind of fees they charge for each case they handle.

Note that reputable professionals will be transparent in their dealings and provide a free initial consultation to determine if they are the right ones for your case. You can easily book an appointment online by filling in a form, and they will provide you with the best legal professional in your region to handle your case.

Therefore, finding a good lawyer is the key to canceling your timeshare contract as soon as possible.

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