Even with TikTok dancing and Instagram selfies, marketers still rely on reaching out to customers by email. In fact, 64% of businesses use email marketing.

Even more interesting is that if they had to choose one, 4 out of 5 marketers would pick email marketing over social media. 35% of marketers report sending out 3 – 5 emails to their list per week.

The challenge is, email marketing takes time and expertise. Read on to learn more about what is email marketing. It may be time to consider an email marketing specialist in your business.

Metrics and Personalization

Start an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is popular because it’s strategic, measurable, and personalized. Businesses can track the progress of their email marketing strategy.

Emails are more personalized than social media. With email, businesses can build relationships with people in a direct, consistent way.

Email helps your brand to stay top of mind. Consistency is the key in email marketing. Busy business owners often don’t have time to keep up with weekly emails or special campaigns.

A Good CRM Is Key

An email marketing specialist helps choose a good CRM, or customer relationship management, platform. You shouldn’t send emails from a general host like Google, Hotmail or Yahoo, because your emails may get marked as spam.

An email marketing specialist sets up and maintains the email list in the CRM software. MailChimp and Constant Contact are popular choices.

How an Email Marketing Specialist Uses Automation

Develop a Press Email List

Email automation is the key to consistency, and that is where automation comes in. The email marketing specialist uses the CRM platform to schedule a series of emails to go out automatically.

Automation is one of the key benefits of email marketing because it automates vital events in the customer journey. It’s like having an assistant who always remembers to send birthday cards for you!

Some examples of automation include:

  • A welcome series of 3 – 5 emails sent over the course of a week to every person who joins the list
  • Sending a welcome email to thank the customer for signing up for your offer
  • Emails to notify people of a new product or service
  • Send a poll to get feedback from your clients
  • Emails to loyal customers to reward them for their business
  • Birthday, anniversary, or holiday greetings.

Because growing your list is necessary, an email marketing specialist will also create strategies to grow the email list with new members.

An email marketing specialist can help you set goals for your email campaigns; such as generating leads, growing your customer base, or eCommerce sales.

Tracking Results

The ability to test and track results is the reason email marketing is so effective. An email marketing specialist will track clicks and open rates. They can see who is opening and engaging with the emails, per campaign, and over time. They can also run re-engagement campaigns for inactive members.

Headlines are one of the most critical elements in email copy. Emails with good headlines have higher open rates. An email specialist can test different headlines to see which ones get the highest open rates.

Is an Email Marketing Specialist a Fit for You?

Email Address

When you consider all of the work that goes into an effective email strategy, it’s not hard to see how your email marketing could benefit from a dedicated email marketing specialist.

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