If you have been accused and or arrested for committing a crime then you’ll need to hire an attorney.  Hiring the right criminal defense attorney like one at Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP  can make or break your case and have a significant impact on the outcome of your trial or case.  Legal matters are nothing to take lightly and when it comes to hiring a criminal attorney that’s never truer.

Below we will discuss some steps you can take to make sure you get the right lawyer for you and your case.  Taking some time to do these simple things can make all the difference in the world and ensure the absolute best result possible in the end.  


Doing the proper research when you first start looking for a lawyer is essential.  Most people don’t have a lawyer in their back pocket so doing your research is something you will have to do.  Ask around to friends and family about any recommendations they may have. Also, ask them details about their case or lawyer they use.  

Take notes when you are going through this process.  This will help you remember some little things that could be very important for you.  This will also help you clearly understand what your needs are in your particular case.  Doing research on the internet is a good idea also.  Read up on reviews of lawyers in your jurisdiction.  

Finally, when you feel that you’ve done all the research you can and you feel confident you have all the knowledge you need; it’s time to make a list.

The List

Coming up with a list of three possible candidates to represent you is a great way to hone in your search.  While making this list you should write down why you would choose this lawyer and why you wouldn’t.  After you’ve done this it’s time to set up a consultation

The Consultation

When you have your meetings in place with potential attorneys remember to bring your notepad again.  You’ll want to use the consultation to get a feel of the lawyer and how you interact with them. You’ll also want to see if they treat you like a name or just a number.  This is important. Yes, attorneys are busy but if they can’t take 20 minutes to meet with a person who is in need of help and also a person who is going to pay them a lot of money then they probably won’t have time to make a good case for you.  

The Final Step

After you’ve had your consultations it’s time to make a choice.  Using your notes you’ve compiled and gone over what the lawyer had to say about your particular case you should be able to make a decision.  Trust your instincts here because it’s your life at stake and you’ll need the best attorney possible.

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