Imagine you are in your car at the Flatbush Avenue Extension and Tillary Street intersection in Brooklyn, and a heavy-duty vehicle crashes into your car. Once in the hospital, your medical bills start piling up. What do you do next? How do you get yourself the financial aid that you might need in such desperate situations?

In 2018, New York recorded nearly 230,000 car accidents, at the rate of one auto accident every 2 minutes. When involved in such accidents, physical and financial ramifications can be overwhelming.

Enrolling a car accident lawyer New York is the best way to defend your rights, whether you are the victim or liable for the accident. They have a broad range of experience fighting for your entitled remunerations under the New York Law for your accident-related injuries. If you still have doubts, these reasons will compel you to hire an attorney, in the case of a car crash.

Check out below Why You Need a Car Crash Lawyer

Estimating the Right Value of Your Car Crash Injuries

Distractions while driving is among the main reasons contributing to 30.5% of auto accidents in New York, whereas tailgating leads to 11.5% of crashes.

You will inevitably endure severe injuries in a car crash, and the medical expenses might burn your pockets. The other party will seek all possible opportunities to settle for minimum compensation.

A skilled attorney will determine the real value of your injuries and fight for winning you the remunerations that cover the full extent of your damages.

Handling the Insurance Companies

The minimum liability insurance in New York includes $25,000 per person PIP or $10,000 per occurrence of property damage protection.

However, the insurance companies look for the potential loopholes in your case, to devalue your losses.

The car accident lawyers in NYC are well-aware of the tactics the insurance companies resort to; thus, they know how to deal with the insurance consultants on your behalf.

Negotiating a Fair Deal

Under the New York State Law, you can claim medical bills, lost income, and vehicle damage after the crash.

The nature of the accident also determines the extent of your losses and how much you can claim. For instance, about 1,400 car mishaps occur due to drivers failing to adhere to the traffic rules. In such circumstances, damages will be more, and you would need higher coverage.

But the opposite party will meticulously work on downplaying your claims. You will need a legal consultant like a car accident lawyer in NYC, to handle and negotiate with the other party’s legal team.

In New York, a copy of the police report, your car’s photograph, witness testimonies, and estimates of vehicle damage are crucial documents for filing a lawsuit.

An adept car accident lawyer in New York will know what documents will strengthen your case. Moreover, they will guide you in aligning all the required documents, including medical bills and other miscellaneous expenses related to the accident.

Identifying the Liable Party

New York follows the “no-fault” car insurance scheme, where the insurance companies pay the policyholders directly, as compensation for their losses.

The state also follows a “pure comparative fault” rule, making both parties share liability for an accident.

A competent attorney will collect the required evidence and build an unarguable case for you. They will investigate the accident to prove that you are the victim. In the worst-case scenario, your lawyer will fight to prove your liability is much lower than that of the other party. It will help by reducing the possible cuts in your claim amount.

Taking Care of the Legalities of Your Car Crash Case

Did you know that in 2019, by March, more than 4,000 people in auto accidents were hospitalized? Typically, men aged between 20-24 and those over 65 tend to meet fatal car accidents.

If you are aged, a car crash can take a toll on your health. During this period, you might not be in a position to handle the legalities of your case.

The best option that you can bet on is to hire an eminent attorney, who will manage all the legal aspects of your case, allowing you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

Helping to File a Lawsuit

You might have to file a case if the insurance company challenges your claims or when you have to prove your fault ratio.

As per the limitations of the New York car accident statute, you have three years from the date of your car accident for filing a lawsuit in the state’s court.

In such scenarios, a competent car accident lawyer in New York can help you file a lawsuit, well before the deadline.

Helping in Winning Fair Settlement Outside Court

Often, the opposite party or the insurance companies make an assessment and know that you have a better case. They offer a deal to settle outside the court.

A skilled attorney will help you negotiate on your behalf, so that you get your required coverage, without enduring the taxing and time-consuming court ordeal.

Car accidents stand as the 4th leading cause of deaths in New York, and as of March, 2020, there is a surge of 17% in the New York motor vehicle fatalities rate. With 40% of NYC auto mishaps involving injury or death, hire an experienced lawyer who can win your entitled compensation, in the case of a car crash.

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