Hillsborough County voters said “no” to a proposed sales tax increase that would have helped to fund a light rail system in the Tampa area, according to results posted by the county’s supervisor of elections.

The light rail system would have helped provide a feeder system connecting areas around Tampa with the coming high-speed rail line to Orlando.

The Tampa Tribune adds:

Despite an effort heavily funded by Hillsborough business leaders, nearly 60 percent of voters rejected increasing the sales tax by 1 cent on the dollar to support building the region’s first light rail train routes along with bus and road improvements.

“This plan was rejected by the citizens of Hillsborough County because they didn’t know what they were voting to fund (because all details had not been provided), they didn’t know how much it would cost and they sensed it was unnecessary to solve true issues of congestion,” said Karen Jaroch, a leader in the No Tax For Tracks movement.

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