In response to concerns raised by the medical community in Hillsborough County, commissioners will be looking at possible changes to its pain clinic ordinance.

Hillsborough is one of many counties and cities in Florida that enacted ordinances creating stricter oversight of pain clinics, and tougher criteria for new pain clinics to open, in an effort to combat so-called “pill mills” popping up across the state.

As overdoses linked to powerful pain medications such as Oxycodone and Xanax skyrocketed last year in Florida, local and state legislators crafted laws to combat the free-flowing dispensing of pills in the state.

But with a new state law that took effect Oct. 1, medical officials in Hillsborough have called on commissioners to take another look at its ordinance, which many say duplicates requirements in the state law.

Commissioners planned to meet with doctors on the ordinance prior to the board’s meeting Wednesday, where a public hearing will be held on possible changes to the ordinance.

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