Life Always, a branch of controversial group Heroic Media, unveiled a new ad on Tuesday, this one starring former Planned Parenthood director turned anti-choice activist Abby Johnson.

In an email sent out to supporters Tuesday, Life Always board member Rev. Derek McCoy touted the importance of the ad, which he said is already being run on MSNBC and Fox News.

Calling her a “courageous woman,” McCoy wrote that Johnson left Planned Parenthood in order to expose the truth about the organization’s “reliance on abortion income.”

The ad is not likely to see the controversy that has come as a result of other Life Always ads, but this one is still directed at Planned Parenthood, enemy No. 1 for the group and its sister organization, Heroic Media:

As you can imagine, the pro-abortion crowd is doing all they can to silence her. Planned Parenthood filed a restraining order to keep her from talking. Activists are launching character attacks. But she will not be silenced. Her message is too important.

A blurb on the Life Always website ( says that Planned Parenthood’s claims that 83 percent of its clients receive services to prevent unintended pregnancy are mere attempts at minimizing its role in the abortion industry: “If we kill a pet, it’s a crime, yet if Planned Parenthood ends the life of a baby, it’s defended as ‘a woman’s right to choose.’ Where’s the outrage?”

Johnson is slated to speak at Care Net’s National Pregnancy Center Conference in Orlando in September.

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