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Not a lot of people have ever tried horse betting. A lot of people have never even tried to be at a horse racetrack. You usually have to be born into a family, who are interested in horses and horse racing for it to come naturally for you.

However, that does not mean that horse racing and betting on horse races are boring. On the contrary, it can be super fun to attend a horse race at a horse racing track, and it can make it even more fun to bet on horses. Usually, these two come hand in hand, since most people who attend horse racing tracks also are interested in betting on horses.

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Horse Betting Basics

Horse betting basics

There are a few things that are good to know if you are new to betting on horses. There are different types of wagers.

The first, and also the most well-known, are the straight wagers. However, there are also different types of straight wagers. One of them is when you bet on a horse to win. You can also bet on a horse to place. This means that you bet on a horse to place second or first.

Furthermore, you can bet on a horse to show, which means that you bet on a horse to come either first, second or third. Then there is the exotic type of wagers, which are usually a lot harder to win because they are much more exact.

Here there are also a few different types. You can bet exacta, where you bet on two horses to come in first and second in exact order. When you bet quinella, you are also betting on two horses to come in first and second, but it does not have to be in a specific order.

Then there is the trifecta, where you bet on three horses to come in first, second, and third in exact order. Lastly, there is the hardest, which is superfecta, where you bet on four horses to come in first, second, third, and fourth in exact order.

If you want these different wages further explained, there is a good guide to horse wagers here.

Go To The Horse Tracks

Go to the horse tracks

If you have not grown up in a family, who went to the horse racetracks, it can seem very intimidating to go now.

However, you should not be intimidated to go to the race tracks. It is never too late to start betting on horses, and it can be very entertaining to watch horse racing especially at a racetrack. It is very different from any other type of gambling that you would usually know. It is outside as compared to the casinos, which are usually stuffed inside a large room with no natural light.

Furthermore, it is more like an experience. It can perhaps be compared to watching a basketball game or a football game, where you also go because of the experience and not the gambling. There is also a lot of history and tradition tied to horse betting since it is an old type of gambling that has existed for many years.

So if you like tradition and history, there is a lot of history tied to horse betting that you could look into. Perhaps this is also why a lot of people think that horse betting is something that grandfathers do and not something that normal people do.

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