Vacation planning can seem like a full-time job. Trying to anticipate the needs of your future self in a destination you’ve never traveled to can be intimidating.

Never fear. The perfect vacation awaits.

These travel tips build on the experiences of expert travelers to help you plan the vacation you deserve.

Think What Before Where

The world is filled with beautiful places. Being away from home is a reward on its own.

Before you go visiting the top lists for global travel, think of what you want to accomplish. Do you need moments of seclusion or to party the night away with a bunch of strangers?

Make a list of activities you can’t live without during your vacation. Narrow them down to three must-haves.

This activity will make weeding out destinations much easier.

Get Insurance

Chances are high that any anxiety you feel about your trip is related to worst-case scenarios. Seek travel insurance to minimize these woes.

Insurance can come with options for medical treatment abroad or lost luggage insurance in the event you’re stranded with only your carry-on.

These events happen rarely, but enough to warrant preparation. Travel insurance is cheap relative to the cost of your overall vacation.

Some credit card companies offer travel insurance when you use your credit card to book a vacation. Check with them before pursuing insurance with a third party to compare who has the better deal.

Use Credit Card Points

Credit cards that offer points can earn you a free airline ticket or rental car on your vacation. Don’t let those points go to waste.

Logon to your credit card account to check the rules and regulations on points redemption. The process can be lengthy but it’s worth the discount in the end.

Use a Travel Agent

Online travel agents are a godsend when it comes to finding cheap plane tickets. They have insight on package deals for airfare and hotels that save you time when booking.

Rely on a professional to give you expert opinions on the best time to travel to destinations. Online travel blogs don’t always include up to date information.

World politics changes daily. A travel agent makes it their business to find safe places for clients to visit.

Use Online Reviews

Other people’s opinions can help you narrow down your activities while on vacation. Most popular destinations offer more to do than you fit in during your stay.

Read online travel reviews to find the best activities for your travel destination. Call the company offering the activity to see whether reservations are possible.

If enough tourists rave about activity online, rest assured that the lines will be long when you arrive. An advance reservation gives you a much-needed head start.

When traveling to remote destinations, opt to make plans on the spot to take the pressure off your itinerary.

Name Your Perfect Vacation

The perfect vacation is what you make it. Social media lures us into the temptation to follow the crowd when choosing travel destinations.

But the world is filled with places that provide you with the rest and relaxation you need. Think of the simple pleasures before breaking the bank to keep up with your newsfeed.

Whenever and wherever you go will be the perfect time and place to have the time of your life.

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